Women with increased cardiovascular risk are examined for free in "Alexandrovska"

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Women with increased cardiovascular risk are examined for free in "Alexandrovska"
Women with increased cardiovascular risk are examined for free in "Alexandrovska"

The examinations will be carried out in the reception-consultative cardiology offices of the "Alexandrovska" DCC (to the left of the Arch), on March 6 - Friday, from 12 to 5 p.m. Referrals to the He alth Insurance Fund are not required. Registration takes place from 1 to 2 p.m. by phone: 02/9230 586 - m.s. V. Georgieva

On the occasion of International Women's Day - March 8, on March 6, prophylactic free examinations will be held to assess the cardiovascular risk in women in the cardiology offices of the "Aleksadrovska" DCC. The initiative is organized together with the working group "Women and Cardiovascular Risk" of the Society of Cardiologists in Bulgaria, with the aim of increasing women's awareness of the causes and risks of heart diseases, encouraging them to control the diseases themselves and prevent them, by eat and live he althily. It has been shown that 50% of the reduction in mortality from coronary events is due to improved control of risk factors and only 40% to modern therapeutic regimens.

In women, concomitant diseases are much more often present, which can mask the symptoms of cardiovascular diseases. During preventive examinations, the goal of the specialists from "Alexandrovska" and the Society of Cardiologists in Bulgaria is to detect women with increased cardiovascular risk, in whom future cardiovascular and brain incidents could be prevented.

The problem in women is particularly relevant for Bulgaria due to the high morbidity and mortality from cardiovascular diseases, with high total mortality and negative growth. According to the World He alth Organization, every year 8.6 million women die worldwide from heart disease, more than all women who die from malignant diseases, tuberculosis, malaria and AIDS combined.

The risk of these diseases in women is underestimated because it is generally accepted that they are protected by estrogens. The misjudgment comes from the fact that young and middle-aged women, before menopause, have a lower risk of heart disease, but this protection disappears after menopause, and if they have uncontrolled risk factors, they are prone to cardiovascular events - heart attack, stroke and heart failure. Even more significant is the fact that after menopause, the appearance of risk factors - arterial hypertension, diabetes mellitus, smoking, obesity and dyslipidemia - significantly increases.

Specialists appeal to the fairer sex to know well, limit or avoid these factors, as well as excessive use of s alty and fatty foods, immobility, smoking - especially in combination with contraceptive medications, alcohol abuse, psychosocial stress, hormonal disorders, etc. This could delay or prevent the onset of cardiovascular disease, as well as significantly improve its control.

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