938 Bulgarians are waiting for a transplant to live

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938 Bulgarians are waiting for a transplant to live
938 Bulgarians are waiting for a transplant to live

“938 Bulgarians are on the waiting list for a life-saving transplant. However, between 7 and 8% of them do not live to receive an organ.” These shocking facts were announced during a press conference today by the director of the Transplantation Executive Agency (IAT), Dr. Marijana Simeonova

The Transplantation Executive Agency will receive BGN 152,000 to optimize its structures and functions. This was announced today by the director of the agency, Dr. Marijana Simeonova. 85% of the money is provided by the European Social Fund under OP "Administrative Capacity", and the rest is from national co-financing.

“We are a controlling and initiating body, but we also have the task of turning our country into a normal European country where people do not die because there is no possibility of transplantation. In this regard, the agency started a project on "Administrative capacity" to optimize the structure and functions of the agency worth BGN 152,000 with 85% financing from the European Social Fund, and the rest from national co-financing", said Dr. Simeonova.

"For the last five years, the numerical composition of the organization has been reduced twice, and this inevitably affects our work. When I took over the Agency, there was no lawyer, no IT specialist, no PR. No new employees will be appointed, but the aim will be to improve the work of the current administrative team. At the moment we are not talking about more people, we do not want new appointments, we want to be able to optimize our work with what we have. If necessary, the Agency will merge or separate its units", explained Dr. Simeonova.

For the last few years, there has been an increase in the number of transplants in our country. From the critical minimum of 19 transplants for the whole of 2012, the Agency reached 79 organ transplants for 2014. Of these, 44 were kidneys from a cadaver donor.

"On average, ten kidney transplants per year are performed in our country from a living donor, and between two and four are heart transplants. Through the European network "Eurotransplant", since 2013 we have sent one lung, four livers and two hearts from cadaveric donors to patients in other countries", added Dr. Mariyana Simeonova.

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