Dr. Evgeni Komarov: There will never be a pill that will prolong human life

Dr. Evgeni Komarov: There will never be a pill that will prolong human life
Dr. Evgeni Komarov: There will never be a pill that will prolong human life

About a month ago, I watched a program on Russian TV in which it was claimed that Russian scientists had discovered a rejuvenation pill. Is this true?

Answer to this question is given by one of the researchers of problems related to aging, Dr. Evgeni Komarov:

Dr. Komarov, please tell to what age does a person develop and when does he start to age?

- Even Aristotle said that only the form ages. Our organism ages, the structure ages, the brain ages and degrades, for example, but at the same time as the degradation comes improvement, the accumulation of intellectual experience. You may not have noticed that not necessarily only the elderly, but also the younger ones sometimes forget some name or wording, but by straining their brain a little, they remember it. This means that with aging, the paths of connections to the archive memory suffer, but not the archive itself. We do not lose this archive and under certain conditions we get access to it.

Are you saying that the cerebrum system degrades, but in certain areas of it the refinement continues?

- It is not for nothing that the interests of evolution are now centered on the human brain. The rest has already been achieved. We have nothing to improve in somatics, we have no advantages over tigers, lions and wolves, nor even over the strength of oxen, but as far as the brain is concerned, no one can compare with us humans.

Evolution now does everything possible to give the brain the most favorable development. And for this purpose, it is necessary for each person to experience as much as possible, to accumulate as much information as possible in his intellectual sphere, to fix as firmly as possible and then to show this informationā€¦ I may repeat myself, but I will say it again: there has not been, and never will be, a chemical preparation that provides one hundred percent life extension. Now they are looking for the "aging gene", they often report that they have found it, no, this is pure fraud. Because the aging process is all biology. Everything about us, humans, is aging every day, so it is just a fantasy that some chemical molecule can save us from aging. There is no and there will never be such a preparation that has prolonged human lifeā€¦

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