Prof. Zhivko Zhelev: We have a parallel nervous system - the water in our body

Prof. Zhivko Zhelev: We have a parallel nervous system - the water in our body
Prof. Zhivko Zhelev: We have a parallel nervous system - the water in our body

Prof. Zivko Zhelev graduated from the Gdansk Polytechnic in Poland with a degree in high technology. He was the director of the "Science and Strategy" unit at the "Stara Zagora" DSU, created the optical discs. Zhelev has been working in the field of nanotechnology for 30 years. Some of his patents are related to the properties of water to be a carrier of energy information. Prof. Zhelev explained in an interview for MyClinic what the role of this phenomenon is for human he alth.

- Prof. Zhelev, explain your discovery about the energy information properties of waterta.

- I am only a minor co-author in the discovery and measurement of the energy of water molecules. The main scientist who has worked on the subject for many years is Prof. Anton Antonov. Another issue is that our research overlaps. I am working on recording energy information in the empty submicron nanospace between water molecules. I applied the same method to disk storage devices back in the "Stara Zagora" DZU in the last decade of socialism.

Since the time of democracy, the two teams have been working together in the Center for the Study of Biopsychophysical Phenomena in Humans, created 17 years ago at Southwestern University in Blagoevgrad, chaired by Prof. Dr. Antonov.

What secrets of water have become known to science?

- Some springs are known to help he alth and others to harm. Petar Danov, who also graduated in medicine, was the first to talk about the existence of three types of water - living (astral), dead (mental) and divine water. Science has now established that these three species are contained in all water, regardless of other impurities and chemicals. These three types of water are associated with a different organization of molecules.

Living or astral water is a single dipole molecule. We draw it like an egg: at one end with a + sign are the two hydrogen atoms, at the other end with a - sign is the oxygen atom. A single water molecule is electrically neutral and constantly mobile.

If the living water molecules surround the sodium chloride molecules, they instantly tear the s alt molecules apart. The pair of water molecule-chlorine and water molecule-sodium passes through the openings of the cell, leaves the chlorine ion and the sodium ion inside and exits the cell again. In this way, living water carries out the process of feeding the organic cell. If the living water in the water we drink is in a small amount, then the cells of the body cannot be fed.

At the Dead Water

we have three connected water molecules in a triangle. However, the entire trio is electrically neutral. If this water surrounds a blood cell that is the guardian of the human immune system, it will not be able to feed itself and the immune system will collapse. But if mental water surrounds a tumor cell, it stops feeding it and the tumor cell will die. Therefore, dead water can also be good for he alth.

And what is divine water?

- Divine water represents united molecules in a cluster or cluster, therefore it is called cluster water by scientists.

It is composed of hundreds of thousands of molecules that are organized through their vibrations and contain a huge amount of energy information. Cluster water is part of human DNA, surrounds it, protects it and transmits information in both directions. Even if the living being dies, the divine water remains in the DNA, for example in the bones. The bone may have been exposed to the heat of the desert, but even after 3,000 years, the water remains and preserves the DNA. Why it didn't evaporate is a mystery. In these clusters there is also energy that is released when water decomposes. It produces hydrogen and oxygen, which burns, gives energy, and then becomes water again.

Can a person energize water by himself?

- Human mediums with the emission of biophotons through their hands can change the water in the human body. Thus, in case of a broken bone, if we start to somehow deliver more astral water into the body, calcium will be delivered to that place much faster and

will heal much faster

It usually takes ten days for a broken bone to heal. But with the influence of the hands of mediums, the bone healed in two days. Experiments were done with the best medium Hristo Androsinakis, a Greek who lives in Frankfurt (Germany). It can generate dead water in the body to kill cancer cells. And this was recognized at the IV World Congress of Medicine and Psymedicine in Basel.

With Prof. Antonov, we also organized a scientific congress in Sofia, where we defined that there is a parallel nervous system in the human body, that it is the body's water content and that it acts independently of the other nervous system. This scientific fact was the subject of the Ninth World Conference - Chemistry, Physics and Biology of Water, which was held in Pamporovo last year. The parallel nervous system associated with water is governed by the heart and is connected to the brain. It is no accident that when they transplant another heart into a person, he receives qualities and information from the donor. This was also noticed by Dr. Christian Barnard, who performed the first heart transplants in South Africa. When a sacred image or embroidery is placed close to the heart in front, it acts as a catalyst in a chemical reaction.

Is that why you always wear an embroidered shirt?

- At the age of 33, I experienced a severe heart attack and had a deformed heart chamber. I was recovering for a long time. But I did an experiment. I have been wearing shirts with embroidery for 17 years and there is no trace of the deformity. Until the effect was felt, it took about 4 years.

I am in a uniquely better state now,

than when I used to tighten my thyroid with a tie. The rectangles of the Rhodope blankets, which are 9 by 16, also have a beneficial effect on the body. If computer screens and televisions are 9 by 16, then we don't have a headache.

How can knowledge of the energetic properties of water be applied to healing?

- In just about 15 years, there are over 300 different manufacturers of water energizing equipment in the world. Their purpose is to make the ratio of living, dead and divine water more beneficial to he alth. We have created a device that makes the ratio of the three waters according to a set standard, for example from a mountain spring in Rila.

Our methodology measures this energization process, and has the ability to control the process as well as extract this energy.

It turns out that you legitimize scientific and sacred rituals related to water

- We experimented and explained the Thracian ritual "Orpheus wine drinking" with a copy of the golden vessel from the greatest gold Thracian treasure in our lands, Valchitran. The ritual dates back to 33 centuries, it has been preserved to this day in Christianity.

We are doing this experiment by filling the water with the songs of Valya Balkanska. The water receives the energy information from the singing, it is charged, and when mixed with the wine, it amplifies the charge, plays the role of a catalyst. Even experienced oenologists cannot tell that there is water in the wine, but they immediately feel that the wine with energized water is better than the one without it.

What happens in the body of the person who drinks this liquid?

- Man absorbs her life-giving power. When the heart pumps this water, even in a minimal amount, it transmits its energy information to all the water in the body. Our body is 75% water and the brain is 95%, it is our water computer.

The best energization of water happens in one's own hands, but with pure thoughts. See Peter Dunov's talks on the power of thought, written 60 years ago, as well as Lynn McTaggart's modern book The Intention Experiment. McTaggart describes all the scientific experiments in this century proving that thought has perfectly real energy.

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