Elen Koleva: The body gets sick after the soul

Elen Koleva: The body gets sick after the soul
Elen Koleva: The body gets sick after the soul

Elen Koleva is a young, talented and beautiful actress. He graduated from NATFIZ in 2007, majoring in "Acting for Drama Theater" in the class of Dimitrina Gyurova. Even during his studies, he starred in a number of short and full-length films - "The Last Stop", "Day and Night", "Church for Wolves" (12-episode film), "Cargo", "Crash Landing". The role that catapulted her to success was in the film "Seamstresses", for which she won the award for best Bulgarian actress in 2007.

Some time ago he discovered his passion for diving and completed a course for divers. She also studied at a piano music school. She has been dancing classical and modern ballet for 14 years, and currently her dance passion is flamenco.

Her first appearance as a TV presenter was in the show "Lord of The Chefs". In the spring of 2013, he participated in the third season of the show "Dancing Stars". She was partnered with professional Kaloyan and at the end of the show Elen finished in third place in the competition. Here's what she shared about her he alth, illness and lifestyle especially for My Clinic.

Miss Koleva, how do you keep yourself in the perfect shape you are in - skin, figure?

- I maintain myself by following the maxim "A he althy mind in a he althy body". I regularly swim, play aqua gymnastics, and do breathing exercises when I can, I'm in nature. I also love massages, which I think are mainly for he alth maintenance, not so much luxury!

Do you follow any special diet - what is it if you can share?

- I am not a supporter of self-serving diets, but I am careful about what I eat - I avoid sweets, dough and "junk" foods. I drink a lot of water, tea, I don't drink coffee or alcoholic concentrates, I love good and expensive wine.

What is your attitude towards medicines, antibiotics - do you use them, or do you trust homeopathy, herbs and other non-traditional methods of treatment?

- Yes, I prefer and trust homeopathy, good supplements and herbs, I am interested in all

unconventional methods of treatment

and he alth support.

You participate in a number of charity campaigns - could you list them - why do you do it?

- Yes, I have participated in various charity campaigns - for the prevention of breast cancer, "Blue Lips", dedicated to people with pulmonary hypertension, animal rescue initiatives, etc. I do it because the meaning of notoriety should also be for the benefit of society in the best possible way. In addition, I believe in good deeds, which are like a smart investment, only in the "World Bank".

What life lessons have you learned from the people who need help and who you campaign for?

- The main life lesson I learn from meeting and talking with these powerful people is that one should first of all be Grateful! We tend to constantly feel dissatisfaction and a sense of inadequacy. However, when you see and talk to a person in a very difficult he alth or life situation, you somehow ground yourself and become ennobled!

What is your opinion about doctors in our country - you know that there are constant attacks and accusations against them? Do you think they are valid?

- For me, the doctor's profession is a calling, extremely difficult, sometimes cruel and thankless. But if a person who has set out on this path

no self-sacrifice,

better not take up this profession. The goal of doctors cannot and should not be to make money!

Are there any doctors to whom you are grateful - they saved your life or that of a loved one?

- Yes! The most recent case in my life is from 2 months ago, when they poisoned my dog with antifreeze, a very insidious poison. At the moment, my beauty is alive thanks to the doctors from the "Central Veterinary Clinic". I also want to express special thanks to Dr. Evgeni Evtimov!

What do you think are the reasons for the mass spread of serious diseases among Bulgarians in recent years?

- The reasons are many, the main ones are the bad lifestyle, not only because of the lack of finances, but also because of the lack of he althy habits and incorrect thinking! The body gets sick after the soul! I mean the body can't be he althy if the soul is sick!

What new projects are you preparing and when will they be a reality?

- The new projects are all theatrical, one of them will be a fact at the beginning of this year!

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