People with heart disease cannot tolerate magnetic storms

People with heart disease cannot tolerate magnetic storms
People with heart disease cannot tolerate magnetic storms

What are "unfavorable" days? How do they affect people's he alth?

Magnetic storms have always existed, but like everything in the universe, they are constantly changing. In recent years, the "eruptions" of the sun have become more and more frequent. Every living organism reacts to solar "eruptions", but everyone feels their impact in a different way.

People with cardiovascular diseases, with disturbed heart rhythm, with ischemic heart disease, with a weakened immune system are more sensitive to magnetic storms. Hypertensives are affected by magnetic storms as well as severe stress. That is why heart attacks and strokes are the most on days of magnetic storms. Young people and athletes practically do not feel geomagnetic fluctuations.

But for both the he althy and the sick, the magnetic storm is an additional burden on the body. Fatigue, lethargy, drowsiness appear. Chronic diseases are getting worse. Magnetic storms have been shown to suppress the production of melatonin, the hormone that provides us with adaptation. Large geomagnetic storms can disrupt biorhythms. The cortex of the adrenal glands at such a time works as in conditions of stress. Much more cortisol - the stress hormone - is released.

Reduce physical and psycho-emotional stress

Can we protect ourselves from magnetic storms? What should be our behavior during unfavorable days so that our body can overcome them more easily?

It is pointless to hide from the magnetic storms behind iron doors or in trenches. Energy, like vibration, permeates everywhere. Of course, it is good to know about solar flares in advance, but a reliable prediction can only be made in a day or two. First of all, one should limit physical and psycho-emotional stress, avoid conflicts, postpone solving problems, spend more time in the fresh air, take vitamins.

They say that during solar activity, the number of traffic accidents also increases. During this period, people's reactions are usually inhibited. This results in more accidents and injuries. Neuroses also increase - another burden on the body. Scientists have found that the number of suicides increases sharply during the second day after the sun rises. And this time corresponds to the beginning of magnetic storms.

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