Cold or flu? How do we know?

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Cold or flu? How do we know?
Cold or flu? How do we know?

The test we offer will help you distinguish between the two diseases

These two diseases are unfortunately known to everyone. Insidious viruses attack many of us several times a year. But how to distinguish these so common diseases from each other? A task overwhelming for many people, but extremely important. It is on distinguishing the cold from the flu that the effectiveness of the treatment depends, as well as our faster recovery. It is also important to note that in medical theory such a concept as "cold" does not exist. If you complain of runny nose, sore throat, cough, general weakness of the body, the doctor will tell you that you have an acute respiratory viral infection. But, isn't it, the cause of the flu is actually a virus that spreads through the air-droplet way! So what's the difference?

First of all – in the symptoms.

So, at the first attack of the virus and mild discomfort, it is good to do this test. In just a few minutes the "enemy" will be recognized! We suggest you answer the following questions and calculate the result.

How did your illness start?

Unwell for several days - 1 point.

Sudden manifestation of the disease - 3 points.

What are the first symptoms?

Runny nose, cough, sore throat - 1 point.

Headache, joint and muscle pain, eye irritation in bright light - 3 points.

What's your cough?

Dry, no sputum discharge - 3 points.

Moist, with phlegm - 1 point.

Do you have a sore throat?

It hurts so much I can hardly swallow - 3 points.

I feel slight irritation - 1 point.

What is your temperature?

Up to 38° - 1 point.

High, over 38 – 3 points.

Are you shaking?

Little – 1 point.

Gives me chills - 3 points.

Do you have an appetite?

The feeling of slight hunger is present, but I do not feel the taste of the products - 1 point.

I don't even think about food - 3 points.

This morning you …

Just got out of bed - 2 points.

You felt so bad that you couldn't get out of bed - 3 points.

Do you feel slight weakness - 1 point.

Test results:

Up to 11 points: You most likely have a common cold. However, it is important to give yourself a few days of rest so that your condition does not worsen because your body is weak. And don't infect your colleagues and friends. Specialists are categorical: the common cold in most cases passes faster, easier and without complications compared to the flu. If, of course, at the first sign of he alth problems you stayed at home, observed bed rest and received treatment. By the way, doctors do not advise lowering the temperature if it is up to 38 degrees, so that the body can activate its self-defense functions and fight the virus without outside help.

Effective therapy includes herbal medicines for the prevention of immune deficiency and folk remedies:

Drink plenty of fluids:cranberry juice, green tea with honey and lemon, herbal infusions, rosehip tea. This will help you flush toxins and the remains of dead viruses from your body. Also, warm drinks will warm your throat, relieve the pain.

Chamomile: has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, it is suitable for drinking and gargling (4-5 times a day). Method of preparation: brew 1 tablespoon of chamomile in 1 cup of boiling water.

Sea s alt clears the nose. To "send" the cold faster, it is enough to rinse 2-3 times a day with a glass of warm water in which 1 teaspoon of s alt is dissolved.

Potatoes: in this case are used for inhalation. Boil the potatoes, pour the water, cover your head with a towel and for 7-10 minutes, at a distance of no less than 10 cm, inhale the steam to warm your throat and clear your respiratory tract.

Chicken broth: enriches the body with anti-inflammatory substances, is easily digested, strengthens the immune system to actively fight the virus.

From 12 to 24 points: Most likely you got the flu, and in all probability – not only you, because the flu epidemic comes to Bulgaria every year, suddenly attacking us with high fever, fever, headache, pain. In this case, don't even think about going to work or school! But remember that your doubts and the results of our test can only be confirmed or rejected by your GP. Second, in addition to folk medicine and herbal preparations, to defeat the flu, you will need more powerful, antiviral drugs. It is advisable to start taking them within 48 hours of the appearance of the first signs of the disease in order to avoid serious complications, such as inflammation of the lungs and lining of the heart. Therefore, in the more neglected cases, it is desirable after recovery to have an ECG and a chest X-ray.

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