Why do you overeat?

Why do you overeat?
Why do you overeat?

We often head to the fridge out of excitement, stress or even positive emotions. The result is extra pounds that upset us, and our bad mood seeks new satisfaction… in food! Try to find your other source of enjoyment that will allow you to break out of the closed circle.

1. What do you like the most?

a) To walk.

b) To watch.

c) To speak.

d) To listen.

2. Which event seems most important to you?

a) entering a university.

b) The birth of a child.

c) Wedding.

d) The first sex.

3. What annoys you the most?

a) The noise and the crash on the other side of the wall.

b) The lack of education and stupidity of a colleague.

c) Loneliness.

d) Unexpected cold or injury.

4. What is most important to you in your work?

a) Career and self-realization.

b) The salary.

c) The Team.

d) The interesting job.

5. What can prevent you from sleeping peacefully?

a) The empty stomach.

b) To have nothing to read before going to sleep.

c) The inability to access the Internet.

d) The inability to shower, put cream on my face, body, etc.

Now calculate which letters predominate in your answers.

A: You need a useful and meaningful activity from which there are visible results. Don't lie on the sofa, dare!

B: You need brain work. Enroll in courses that will interest you, learn a foreign language, play chess.

Q: You need communication. Meet with friends more often, do not be afraid of new acquaintances. Isolation is bad for you.

D: You need physical pleasures. It could be a new outfit or a massage. Physical activity will also benefit you.

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