BAS makes four leading doctors its correspondent members

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BAS makes four leading doctors its correspondent members
BAS makes four leading doctors its correspondent members

"The session for the selection of corresponding members of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences was held recently. All candidates were experts in their field, with a very good professional reputation, with a unique scientific career. Unfortunately, this is a kind of competition, not everyone can be awarded this title. The only obstacle is the age barrier – it is believed that only up to the age of 65 can apply. While there is no limit for an "academic", Academician Petya Vasileva, who was recently awarded the "Stara Planina" order, first degree, for her outstanding merits in the field of ophthalmology, shared exclusively for the new he alth site My Clinic

“Many high-quality colleagues were chosen as corresponding members, clinical medicine is well represented. The title of "corresponding member" was deservedly awarded to Prof. Dr. Grigor Gorchev, head of the Gynecology Clinic at the "Dr. Georgi Stranski" University Hospital in Pleven, the first certified surgeon on a console with the "Da Vinci" robotic system for South-Eastern Europe, Prof. Dr. Lachezar Traikov, one of the best Alzheimer's specialists in the world, the urologist Prof. Chavdar Slavov, former head of the Clinic of Urology at Aleksandrovsk Hospital. The youngest corresponding member is also a brigadier general - this is Prof. Nikolay Petrov, head of the Military Medical Academy - Sofia. Besides being the youngest, he is energetic, with many references, with a perfect organizational and scientific career. By the way, this is a precedent - for the first time in the history of the BAS, a military man has been awarded a title", added Academician Vasileva.

The procedure for selecting academics is currently underway. It is mandatory that the candidates have been corresponding members - so after some time the current ones elected as such will certainly become academicians as well.