Diana Radeva: I started 2015 with an 8 cm head wound and 10 stitches

Diana Radeva: I started 2015 with an 8 cm head wound and 10 stitches
Diana Radeva: I started 2015 with an 8 cm head wound and 10 stitches

Diana Radeva gained popularity as the presenter of the morning block on tv7, but she also gained good experience as a news reporter on tv2, radio stations "Vitosha" and "Atlantic", on television "Eurocom" and "MSAT".

At the beginning of the year, the young TV presenter had an accident at home and returned to the screen only a week ago. Diana Radeva told My Clinic specifically how she reacted in this situation and how she got medical help without dramatizing what happened.

Diana, tell us about your encounter with the He alth System back in the early days of 2015

- I didn't have a run-in with the he alth system, I just had a really bad fall. I fell in the most ridiculous way after clearing snow from the terrace at home on a Sunday afternoon, before the first day of work of the year.(b.a. laughs). On entering the room I slipped on the floor and fell backwards. We have a stone step with a very sharp edge and that's where I hit my head. The wound is at the back of the head - eight centimeters vertically, with 10 stitches. It was terrible because I was all alone at home. Blood started flowing. I can't say I was very scared. I did not perceive the situation as dangerous. But I've never fallen before and I didn't expect so much blood. I thought about what to do and decided: I took a shower, got dressed, called a taxi and went to "Pirogov".

Why didn't you call an ambulance?

- I decided that ambulances go to more serious cases. I could not judge the situation as serious. I did not see that the wound was so big and did not realize that it could have serious consequences. I was conscious. Perhaps there was no severe pain from the shock. I even wondered if I should go to the doctor at all, which is not very wise. In fact, the wound turned out to be a big one.

In "Pirogov" they examined me, took pictures, stitched me up and sent me home on sick leave for two weeks. I didn't have a concussion because it shows in many symptoms. I haven't been in the hospital. I just went to change the bandages and remove the stitches. Now, I hope, all is well. I'm already on screen.

What will be the consequences of this fall?

- The doctors told me that I will have a scar, and if I decide to shave my head, it will show. But I think that if I haven't done it by now, it won't be time for a shaved head until later. (b.a. laughs).

Do you follow any diet to look so good on screen?

- I should, but I don't follow a strict diet. It is known that the thinner a person is, the better he looks on the TV screen. I really like to cook and it calms me down. I don't eat much meat - I just don't like it. I try to cook delicious things and, if possible, they are he althy. I drink freshly squeezed juices and lots of water. I bought a jug to filter the water. I also put silver jewelry in the water. This is how silver water is obtained. My friends told me she was very helpful.

Do you go for preventive examinations, do you take care of your he alth?

- Yes,

going for checkups

I don't take risks, I check things, I want to know what's going on in my body. I try to go to a mammologist, a gynecologist, although not as regularly as I should.

How do you take care of your beauty, to keep your skin he althy?

- I have very sensitive skin, so not all cosmetics tolerate me. I try to use quality things, natural or medical cosmetics. I have never overdone my makeup. I try to get less angry, to be in harmony with myself, to feel good mentally. I don't take things too seriously because that's where all the diseases come from. When we get very angry, we end up getting sick more easily.

What is your attitude towards alternative medicine?

- Many of my friends use homeopathy and like this method of treatment. I personally have not taken advantage of it, but I respect it. I also respect the treatment through herbs, massages, etc. A few months ago, for the first time, I did Petar Danov's wheat diet - with wheat, walnuts, honey, and I felt extremely well. I read that from February 8, all Danov's followers will make it with spelt. I've decided that if I have the will, then

I would do the wheat diet again

My godmother Ivanka Zlatarska from Varna heals with herbs and massages. When I feel bad, the doctors can't help me, or I just don't want to take strong drugs and antibiotics, I always turn to her. She always helps me with that. I've heard of people with all kinds of problems she's helped, including people who don't have children. My grandmother, may God forgive her, suffered from gallstones. They didn't operate on her. Aunt Vanya was able to cure her only with herbs and massages. It's the least it can do. There are more severe cases. She is an ecotoxicologist. There is also a book on alternative practices and herbs.

How do you deal with getting up early?

- I get up at 4:20 in the morning. I used to work in the morning block on the radio, in "Three at Dawn", and then I vowed never to get up at that hour again. However, it so happened that I again fell into a morning block. Getting up is not the most pleasant thing in the world. Only sometimes it is nice to wake up early - in the summer when the sun rises earlier. Otherwise it's pretty heavy. Every minute of sleep in the morning is precious. On the other hand,

in the morning people are a little better,

you can communicate with them more easily and this period of the day has its own charm. I believe that when a person likes his work, he can enjoy more good moments.

And when do you go to bed?

- I usually go to bed late. Last night, for example, I went to bed at 12:20 midnight. Because when you work in the morning block, you have to prepare for the next day, read the newspapers from the evening. The truth is, I sleep a little and try to catch up on Friday vs. Saturday and Saturday vs. Sunday.

Do you have a hobby outside of journalism?

- I take photography courses. I signed up first for one cruise, now for a second one. There I see people who have nothing to do with television and journalism, and at the same time I learn things that enrich me. My father was an amateur photographer and I want to learn photography.

Photography, like television, can tell stories. That's what attracts me to them.

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