A new method for the relief of back and lower back pain and rehabilitation

A new method for the relief of back and lower back pain and rehabilitation
A new method for the relief of back and lower back pain and rehabilitation

Pain is the body's warning system. Her goal is to prevent more injuries.

This program is a safe, non-invasive and drug-free method of pain management. It relieves pain by placing electrodes on the skin and stimulating the nerve endings. Among the most important effects of electronic stimulation is that it reaches the deeper muscles and stimulates them.

Difficult muscles to move are the pectoral muscles and the muscles next to the spine. They are responsible for maintaining our body, but a mainly sedentary lifestyle weakens them, leading to back and lower back pain. One of the most important effects of electromuscular stimulation is its ability to train deeper muscles such as the supporting muscles of the back and spine. These muscles are responsible for our posture, and thanks to a sedentary lifestyle, they can weaken, which in turn leads to back pain. Electro muscle stimulation helps these muscles to strengthen and do their job of keeping the spine pain-free. The program can also be successfully applied for joint problems, injuries and after operations!

E-FIT EF-1280 M device is a certified medical device with CE 1020 Medical Certification by SGS UK. It can be used by professionals for therapeutic purposes, prevention and rehabilitation. Full body training with the EMS method is an effective and comprehensive solution that saves time. The effects of its application are extremely positive and difficult to achieve with any other method. At the same time, therapeutic and preventive goals are achieved. Preventive measures achieved with EMS training are muscle and body shaping, improvement in mood, vitality, body stability and general condition.

The therapeutic goals that could be achieved:

- Getting in shape and strengthening the perineum for women after childbirth - intimate gymnastics

-Joint and tendon-friendly training. For people suffering from joint problems, E-FIT training can be the best solution. At low intensity and a short period of application, EMS training has a significant effect on whole body composition in the elderly. Thus, the EMS method may be a suitable alternative to traditional training programs for people with low cardio capacity and joint problems.

- Treatment of dystrophy - E-FIT training is one of the best methods for those in need of physiotherapy and physical rehabilitation. The E-fit EMS device helps to stimulate muscle tissues that traditional exercises may not affect. Damaged muscle tissue is stimulated, resulting in the recovery, toning and healing of damaged tissue. The impulses stimulate tissue fibers to a certain degree and pattern, which reduces muscle degeneration caused by nerve atrophy.

- Recover from injury or surgery as quickly as possible. EMS technology accelerates blood circulation by stimulating and strengthening muscle tissues. This stimulates the healing process.

- Fight back pain. Nowadays, many people suffer from one common complaint - back pain. Stress, unilateral tension, neglect of the back muscles are the main source of complaints. Over time, the condition becomes chronic and worsens.. The solution is E-FIT EMS back training!

With targeted and individually controlled training, even the most deep-seated muscle groups are activated and strengthened - traditional training can hardly reach them. Thanks to EMS, the spine is stabilized. The back is sensitively unloaded. This is the perfect way to have a he althy and strong back.

E-fit – more like fitness!

E-fit studios in Bulgaria, in Sofia: E-fit Studio Lozenets, 15 Henrik Ibsen Street, next to Paradise Center

E-fit Studio "Five Kisheta": 17 Lyulin Planina Street, entrance from Buzludzha Street

E-fit Studio Vitosha Park Hotel, Wellness Center: Student Town, 1 Rosario Street (behind the Technical University)

You can learn more about EMS training and procedures at www.efit.bg and www.facebook.com/efit.bg

Exclusive representative/distributor of E-fit devices for Bulgaria: E-fit Bulgaria EOOD.

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