Lora Naydenova: When people are poor, there are more sick people

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Lora Naydenova: When people are poor, there are more sick people
Lora Naydenova: When people are poor, there are more sick people

Lora Naydenova was born in 1987 in Sofia. She graduated from the Sofia Vocational High School of Tourism in 2006. She specialized in France, Italy, Germany and Spain.

What can be the fate of an inquisitive young girl when her grandfather is a chef, her mother is in love with cooking books and experiments, and her brother - 5 years older than her - is graduating from the vocational school of tourism and opens his own restaurant?! It's no surprise that her role today is as host of the cooking show Bon Appetit.

This is what the lover of spices, discoverer of unknown flavors and aromas, Lora Naydenova, shared about life and cooking in front of the Doctor.

Hello Laura, how are you?

- Hello! I'm full of energy, I love my job, I'm he althy and in a good mood! What more could a person want?

How do you manage to keep fit?

- I do sports. I go to the gym, to work by bike - when the weather allows it. Once a week I climb an artificial wall, I try to be in the mountains every Saturday and Sunday. I have recently become interested in trekking - mountain walking. So far, I have only climbed Musala peak, but I have the ambition to soon conquer some of the European leaders.

Do you follow any he althy regimen? On a meal, for example, and what is he like?

- For me, it is he althy not to eat packaged foods, low quality and those of questionable origin. Not to consume carbonated drinks and juices in cans and everything of that kind. I try to eat clean and quality food, although sometimes it is difficult.

I avoid sweets and pasta

I rarely eat them, rather try them - sometimes more than once. I tend to overeat, which is not very he althy. I adore fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables, I eat meat, cheese and fish, I don't deprive myself of anything.

Where do delicious and he althy food “meet”?

- It's all about balance. There is no harmful food when it is taken in balance and not overdone. Each product contains useful and necessary ingredients.

What other care do you take for your he alth?

- I drink a lot of water and vitamins.

Is there anything that is stressful for you?

- The stress, the lack of time, having to do a lot of things in a short period of time. Negative people too - there are especially many of them in our country.

Have you had to compromise with your he alth?

- It has happened to me to go to work with a cold or a fever, but I do not take it as a compromise with my he alth, but rather as a responsibility to my colleagues. When a man makes a commitment, he must do his best to fulfill it! Not at any cost, of course. Fortunately, I haven't had any serious he alth problems so far.

Which doctors do you trust? Do you have doctors in your family?

- I have no doctors in my family. I trust my personal doctor since childhood - Dr. Dikova.

Do you use our folk medicine?

- When you have a cold

mix grated ginger and honey, helps me if I have a sore throat. I drink a lot of herbal tea in winter.

What is your opinion about he althcare in Bulgaria?

- A person is better off exercising, living an active life and not having to understand what our he alth care is at all - what we think we have is appallingly incompetent for people - both the sick and for the he althy!

How do you find the prices of medicines in our country?

- In our country, the prices of food, services, and medicines are very high compared to people's incomes.

In your opinion, why do Bulgarians get sick?

- This question cannot be answered unequivocally, but it is a fact that where the population is poor, there are more sick people. If we have the opportunity to eat better quality food, I am sure we will be he althier and spend less money on medicine. I like the words of Hippocrates: "Let your food be your medicine and your medicine your food!"

What is the latest project you are working on?

- With Stoyan and the Bon Appetit team, we are preparing our first culinary book. Working on it is different, very inspiring and emotional for me. Expect it to hit the market soon!

What's next for you?

- I'm looking forward to autumn and winter, great holidays and lots of cooking are coming… Otherwise, I've planned a lot of trips. My friends and I decided last year to climb to the top of every single mountain in Bulgaria, and they are 39! I love this time of year!