Prof. Jeffrey Pollack: Bulgaria is the home of spring water in the world

Prof. Jeffrey Pollack: Bulgaria is the home of spring water in the world
Prof. Jeffrey Pollack: Bulgaria is the home of spring water in the world

Bulgaria to become the healing center of Europe. The basis of this project is the fact that 45% of the flow of mineral waters in the world is on the territory of our country, although we use less than 2% of this flow. IC Medical technology provides a huge opportunity for the application of Bulgaria's we alth - mineral waters. Through this innovative technology, people can be treated with informational copies of drugs delivered into the body through the water, but without the side effects of synthetic drugs.

Scientists from all over the world are working on this technology. They are united by the Institute for Risk Scientific Research, established by Prof. Jeffrey Pollack. The institute funds non-standard research of a revolutionary nature that would not stand a chance in conservative scientific units working with rigid worldviews.

Prof. Jeffrey Pollak and his team held in Pamporovo from October 9 to 12 their ninth scientific conference on "Physics, Chemistry and Biology of Water" with the participation of 150 scientists from 5 continents.

"Bulgaria is the home of spring water - explained Prof. Pollak. – The concentration of thermal mineral waters here is unique. That is why we organize our conference in a place rich in water. We are also negotiating for the creation of a branch of our institute in Bulgaria." How does a glass of living liquid become an informational copy of a drug? The IC Medical technology, which is already in practice, was demonstrated to journalists by project director Jeremy Pfeiffer and Anton Federenko. Using ultra-weak electromagnetic radiation, informational copies of already existing drugs are made.

Using ordinary computers as a communication system by which any person can take this information copy as medicine. It is enough to enter the site or on the Bulgarian site There is a list of medicines and everyone can choose and load the medicine they need. We pick up the signal from this chemical by placing an ordinary CD on the computer keyboard for 30 minutes. Then we place a glass of water on this disk and charge it for 30 minutes. Having thus received the informational copy, the water has the same effect on the body as if we drank the medicine itself.

The advantage is that there are no side effects and contraindications of the medication. A disc loaded in this way can be used for one month. At the moment, 40 informational copies of medicines can be found on the Bulgarian site - from simple aspirin to the corticosteroid prednisolone. This is done with simple user registration and is completely free.

“To date, 5,000 clinical studies have been carried out under the IC Medical project, and in more than 90% of the information copies of the drugs have a positive effect, people improve their he alth through them. It's an empirical technology, and every new information copy of a drug is clinically tested before it's offered to people to use," explained Jeremy Pfeiffer.

Eng. Yevgeny Germanov:

Thus attacking the cause of the disease!

Russian engineer Evgeni Germanov is the head of the DST charitable fund, which traces the path of scientific innovations in practice, including IC Medical technology.

Eng. Germanov, is IC Medical technology being used now?

- Yes. People receive informational copies of medicines from the technical centers freely through the special sites in the respective languages – English, Bulgarian, German, Russian, Spanish.

Is there a problem with the dosage of these drug information copies?

- The information copy one takes with the water is no ordinary chemical medicine. Only the chemical substances are dosed, and in this form of medicine there can be no talk of a dose at all. We have a natural phenomenon. If you drink two liters of water a day, you should fill up and drink your usual amount. Dosing is a habit of traditional medicine doctors.

What happens in the water that is loaded with the information copy?

- Water does not change its chemical properties. It changes its physical state and thus becomes a portrait, a copy of the corresponding chemical drug. The task of the water charged in this way is for the organs and systems in the human body to start working properly. If, for example, the function of the liver is impaired, water normalizes its work. Unlike chemical drugs, which remove the consequences, the symptoms of the disease, the information copy through the water affects the cause of the disease. - How long should this water be drunk? Will the spear ever cure the disease? - It depends on the disease and its stage. The doctors who did the clinical studies noticed that the first effect appeared after three days in some diseases, and in others it came after about three weeks or after three months. Informational copies of medicines significantly improve the patient's condition. There are complexes that have a positive effect on the general condition of the immune system. They simply support the work of the immune system. So this charged water can be drunk continuously. - Has any disease been definitively cured by this method? - We have experience with patients with allergies. When they take water - drug information copy, the allergy goes away and does not come back. The body begins to work normally and there is no need to drink the information copy again. By the way, Dr. Maria Logvinenko, a physiotherapist from Burgas, got interesting results in the treatment. For three years she has been working on this project and collaborating with doctors from other countries. Dr. Logvinenko observes excellent results in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus, with autoimmune, with skin diseases.

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