Medicinal mud saves from discopathy and sterility

Medicinal mud saves from discopathy and sterility
Medicinal mud saves from discopathy and sterility

Specialized rehabilitation hospital "Varna", with the trade name "Termal", is located at the beginning of the largest resort complex on the Northern Black Sea coast - "Golden Sands". The complex is located 200 meters from the seashore, in the middle of a beautiful park. It fascinates with a magnificent view of the sea, a breath of sea freshness and the aroma of green fir forests. The pleasant atmosphere of SBR "Thermal", combined with the wonderful nature, contribute to complete relaxation and recovery.

SBR "Termal" receives and treats patients from all over the country. It works under the program of the National Institute of He alth and the National Institute of He alth and Welfare on 7 paths, including diseases of the musculoskeletal system, the central and peripheral nervous system, conditions after stroke and heart attack, etc. A well-equipped physiotherapy and rehabilitation department, as well as excellent specialists, help many people to start moving again and return to their normal rhythm of life. SBR has accreditation from the Ministry of He alth for overall medical activity, excellent rating. The hospital has over 30 years of history.

Complex "Termal" offers its visitors a restaurant, conference hall, pool bar / table tennis; darts/, outdoor pool, fitness center and PE, sports/tennis; basketball; football on small holes; handball/ and playgrounds, conditions for beach volleyball; minigolf and balneology, and specialized offices for performing he alth procedures; electrotherapy; magnetic therapy; physical therapy; inhaler; detoxifier; bed for segmental thermal massage, hydrotherapy; mud therapy; lye treatment; paraffin, sauna /Finnish and infrared/; Turkish/steam bath /combined/, healing and relaxing massages.

The specificity of the region in which it is located SBR "Thermal", as well as the healing mud, provide opportunities for the treatment of neurological diseases - neuroses, neuritis, neuralgia, migraine, radiculoneuritis, discopathy - discopathy, disc herniation, arthritis, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, rheumatic, gynecological diseases - sterility; adnexitis; ovarian and uterine dysfunction, hypertension, ischemic heart disease, chronic, inflammatory diseases, overweight problems, also offers relaxation, anti-stress and breathing programs Apparatus physiotherapy, manual therapy are also applied, bathtubs for underwater shower massage with healing and relaxing products; pearl bath, healing mud treatment; lye and paraffin, kinesitherapy, anti-cellulite programs, physical therapy and ultrasound.

The healing mud is known under the name peloid. It is a natural product formed under natural conditions from earth particles, inorganic and organic compounds with the participation of chemical, biological and microbiological processes. Mud therapy is a method in which healing mud is applied in a certain way for a therapeutic purpose. The Varna healing mud is estuarine. It has a grayish-black color and a fine structure, creamy, with great stickiness and plasticity, with an odor of hydrogen sulfide and an alkaline reaction.

Peloids exert a specific effect, mainly through a neuro-reflex pathway. They cause excitation of extero and intero receptors, as a result of which complex neuro-reflex reactions occur, the participation of hormonal, endocrine, vascular mechanisms. The specific action is expressed in the activation of enzymes and biostimulators. Under the action of the mud procedures, significant changes occur in the metabolism - tissue respiration increases, protein, fat and carbohydrate metabolism is stimulated.

The physiological action of the healing mud is determined by complex complex irritants: physicochemical, biological, etc. Medicinal mud, applied in the form of an application or in a bath, has a mechanical effect on the body, respectively on the blood and lymphatic vessels of the skin, chest, abdomen and limbs. Histamine and histamine-like substances increase in the skin and skin permeability increases. During the treatment procedure percutaneous

the body passes phosphorus, calcium, the sulfate ion, carbon dioxide, sulfur and hydrogen sulfide. Sulfur accumulates in the articular cartilage. More biogenic stimulators, enzymes, antibiotics found in the mud pass through the skin. The presence of estrogens in the medicinal mud has been experimentally proven. The estrogenic effect leads to an increase in ovulation and spermatogenesis. The healing mud has a strong anti-inflammatory effect, increased blood supply to the tissues, a pronounced trophic effect. In the joints, the level of mucopolysaccharides, as well as sulfur, increases. Relieves pain.

The healing mud is practically used after appropriate processing - sifting and heating.

In SBR "Thermal", an application method of treatment with medicinal mud is applied, which is general /whole body/ and partial procedures. The temperature of the mud is between 39 and 41 degrees. The patient is smeared with mud 2-3 cm thick and wrapped alternately with nylon, sheet and shawl/blanket. The duration of the procedure is 20 minutes. The course of treatment is between 10 and 15 procedures. After a break of several months, the course can be repeated.

Patients with all diseases in the acute and subacute stage, malignant anemia and neoplasms, pregnancy, diseases of the cardiovascular system in decompensation, advanced stage of atherosclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, tuberculosis of the lungs, thyroid diseases, nephritis, varicose veins of the lower limbs, epilepsy are not suitable for mud treatment.

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