Vasko Mavrikov: In "Pirogov" they saved my life after a riding injury

Vasko Mavrikov: In "Pirogov" they saved my life after a riding injury
Vasko Mavrikov: In "Pirogov" they saved my life after a riding injury

The actor Vasko Mavrikov was born on August 6, 1976 in Sofia. After graduating from acting at NATFIZ, he worked as a screenwriter of "Sweet Revenge", host of "Fatal Attraction", as well as a reporter in the show "Masters of the Air", where he led the column "I'm glad, Mavrikov!" In 2009, he was co-host and comedian in "Azis' Evening Show". The same year, he became part of the team of "The Day is Beautiful" on bTV. He then took over "Barcode" on TV7 and was the producer of the economic column "Why" on News7. He considers his greatest achievement the feature film "Rapid Response Corps" and its sequel "Rapid Response Corps 2", where he wrote and performed the main role. He recently writes comments for the electronic publication Club Z. Here's what the actor shared about his he alth and life especially for "Doctor".

Mr. Mavrikov, have you encountered the Bulgarian he althcare system?

- Of course, and that was very soon. After the summer vacation, my younger daughter entered the garden. Parasite examination of the Scotch tape showed the presence of intestinal parasite eggs. They can be removed very easily with medication, which is not available in pharmacies. I also talked about this with the chairman of the Pharmacy Chamber, Anton Vatev. It turned out that the company that imports the preparation is deciding for itself whether to make a request and stock the pharmacies. And so he has been gone for 1 year. I don't understand this with the pharmaceutical companies - for them to decide whether to import a drug or not. They are mediators. And there must be a drug policy. I speak like the fans in front of the National Theater, but honestly I don't find the logic of this system.

The parasite medicine can only be ordered from Greece or Germany. In the end, I found out that another medication can be used to treat it. Anyway, I found it. He had stayed in a pharmacy because at the time they made a big order and there was no demand. But notice what trouble this all got me into. If you have found the medicine, the treatment lasts for two weeks, during which the child does not go to kindergarten. By the time you find him, another week passes. Then another test is done and the medication is taken prophylactically for another week until it kills the parasite eggs completely. That adds up to a month during which this child cannot go to kindergarten, and you either have to quit your job, or take unpaid leave, or hire a babysitter. It turned out that because of this medication, which costs BGN 4-5, you are forced to spend BGN 500 on a babysitter or not go to work. In any case, the losses are much more than five leva. And this is only happening because the drug policy is not good.

I plead that there should be an electronic he alth record, an electronic register and prevention. September is the season when these medications are most in demand. There is a lot of talk in parenting forums about the lack of drugs against intestinal parasites. Then we go to some grandmothers ilachi.

And what parasite cure did you find?

- It is made from pumpkin seeds according to grandma's old recipe. The seeds are broken and given to the child with a spoonful of honey for several days in a row. Currently, pumpkin seeds are only imported from Ukraine and are priced at BGN 10 per kilogram. And

every morning you have to mix the medicine, which is none of your business. It is also unclear how effective this drug is.

Do you go for preventive examinations?

- I have always wondered why the GP forgets to encourage patients to have a preventive examination. If you don't remember and ask for directions for these examinations, it can't be done. In this marathon we live in, it hardly occurs to me that I need to check my blood sugar this month, or see how my white blood cells or liver are doing. And a test is done only when you already have a serious problem, when blood starts to flow. I judge not only me, but people I know. Only in pain do you go to the doctor, when it is already too late for prevention. We don't have that habit, and nobody really obliges you. Only when fines are imposed do you subconsciously start following the rules. Maybe you should be fined if you haven't gone for your annual checkups. The other problem is that the reviews themselves are done pro forma. Two years ago I wanted to test my blood sugar myself. Then, by the way, the GP told me that he should also run a urine test and send me for an eye test. And only because I raised the issue.

I don't agree with this system with GPs. I understand having a personal doctor if he is available at any time of the day or night. I have no way of predicting when my children or I will get sick. In my opinion, this is a flawed system. Jeeps collect patients - 1000-1500 each. They have become like private companies. GPs also have good qualities, but they have burdened them with extremely administrative work. This is absurd.

What is the outcome for our he althcare system?

- Lately I have more free time and I watch the series "Doctor House". There, the he alth insurance system is cross-linked. Where they make more profit, say from transplants, that money flows into the less profitable sectors of medicine. And with us, if clinical trail runs out, over, no money

Must flow from one path to another, have a financial balance. I don't believe that there are no good managers in he althcare, but there the principle is obviously different.

Have you ever been hospitalized?

- Yes, 18 years ago I was lying in "Pirogov" because of a horse riding injury. At that time there were still discontents. The director of "Pirogov" resigned, and the BSP appointed its own person as head. This same doctor admitted me as an emergency. Then there was no money under the table, no "donations". He accepted me, even saved my life. One night I had a hemorrhage. I lost a lot of blood. This doctor happened to be on duty in Urology and immediately responded. I had several banks of blood transfused without either of my parents donating blood. Because now, in order for you to receive a blood transfusion, your relatives must donate. They say that they then took blood from the soldiers in the barracks. Undoubtedly it was so - I have also given blood in the barracks. But now some incentive must be found for the people. Every second Bulgarian has a relative who has suffered some kind of trauma and in some way sympathizes with the problem of blood donation.

Is it okay for people to constantly participate in donation campaigns?

- We are suffocated by the constant appeals "Send SMS for bone marrow transplant, liver transplant, etc." Why do we pay he alth contributions - BGN 16 per month! Then they say they are not enough to cover the needs. They wanted a second pillar of he alth insurance. But we no longer believe. We know this money will be siphoned off. It's very easy to do - the government decides that it will support another sector by pouring the he alth insurance money there.

I watch "Emergency Room" and other doctor movies where doctors really help people. Why can't it be like that here?! It is easiest to take well-proven practices from the West.

Are you he althy, are you taking pills for something?

- I am he althy and do not take pills. I'm just looking forward to southern fruit hitting the market with better prices. I like to drink fresh in the morning. I try to eat he althy. I avoid foods with lots of preservatives. I buy meat from places where the animals are raised and stock my freezer. For vegetables, I rely on friends and acquaintances with gardens. After all, I also go to the market.

How many children do you have and how do you feed them to grow up he althy?

- I have three daughters, the youngest is only two months old and is breastfed. With my older daughters, it's a bittersweet battle. We replaced cocoa desserts with fruit because fruit sugar is more beneficial than refined sugar. I have bought children's encyclopedias and they clearly state how to gain weight and what you need to do to be he althy. I don't give chips to the kids, only sometimes s alt. I have banned them from soda. The parent dictates the menu at the table. If you don't have the will and sense to bring to the table what is he althier, no one else will. Unfortunately, parents stuff their children with garbage themselves.

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