An exciting story about a dream come true

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An exciting story about a dream come true
An exciting story about a dream come true

In January 2014, a joint project "My Dream Baby" was launched between the "Dr. Shterev" Medical Complex and the "Na Kafe" show. Within the framework of the project, three couples were given the opportunity to carry out free of charge conception procedures at the clinic with the much-dreamed-of child

The following lines present the exciting story of one of the couples, Galya and Krasimir Kandovi from the village of Kopilovtsi, Montana region. Galya's letter moved the broadcast team and the specialists from the "Dr. Shterev" Medical Complex to tears. Here are excerpts from Galya's story:

“Hello, I would like to share my story, the ambiguity and inability to have a child with my husband. This is a very difficult time for any family. But I still have hope and I believe that one day this too can happen.

I was 14 years old when my mother was diagnosed with cervical cancer. It was a shocking moment for me. For 2 years I cared for her and watched her die. I had to give her morphine injections in the last months.

At the time, I didn't realize that I should already be on my period. I was calm that everything would be fine. She passed away. From that moment, when I no longer had anyone to take care of, I realized that I had a problem. I sought medical attention. I visited a doctor in the city of Vratsa, and from there I went to the city of Sofia and was prescribed treatment with Estrophem. The expected improvement did not occur and research was required.

I got married. My husband knew about my problem. And for 6 years we have been fighting together to have a child. I started seeing doctors again. I have a period after treatment and during treatment, but after a while it stops again. Lack of funds hinders my treatment.

Because over time I realized that you have no money - no treatment; you have a little money - you get a prescription.

I refer to my youth, medicine in the 21st century, the help and cooperation of people like you.”

The sympathy of the broadcast teams and the medical facility for the fate of this young couple makes them reach out to Galya and Krasi and help them realize their dream. Based on the preliminary review of the medical documentation, Galya was determined to be suitable for an intrauterine insemination procedure. However, the tests carried out on both partners showed that they would need a much longer and much more complex treatment. Thus, the case of Galya and Krasi turned out to be a real challenge for Dr. Maria Yunakova, obstetrician-gynecologist, reproductive specialist, who took on the couple as their treating physician. Galya was found to have impaired internal production of hormones and a complete lack of a menstrual cycle, expressed in reduced sizes of the uterus and ovaries. Krasi's tests showed extremely poor parameters of the spermogram and low testosterone levels as a result of an operation performed in childhood and subsequent incorrect monitoring of his recovery from it and his development during puberty

After a consultation and a series of examinations by Dr. Maria Yunakova and preparatory tests conducted on both partners, Galya underwent hormonal treatment to increase the sensitivity of the ovaries in order to prepare for an in vitro procedure. The indicators in Krasi's spermogram also significantly improved after the prescribed treatment by Dr. Yury Bachvarov, an andrologist-urologist at the "Dr. Shterev" Medical Complex. After several months of medical preparation of both partners, the next step was taken - stimulation for an in vitro procedure. In this case, the ICSI method had to be applied. With it, the procedure resembles classic in vitro fertilization, with the difference that with the help of a micromanipulator system, one sperm is selected and injected into the cytoplasm of the egg cell. This method gives a chance to get fertilization in the so-called male factor - in case of a very low concentration of spermatozoa in the seminal fluid, in case of highly impaired motility, as well as in cases of microsurgical sperm extraction (PESA/TESE) from the partner's testicles. In addition, IMSI technology was applied - through it, at optical magnification with a microscope of more than 6000 times, biologists and embryologists from the in vitro laboratory have the opportunity to make a selection of the best spermatozoa among those available.

In the month of June, Galya underwent an in vitro procedure with ICSI fertilization, as a result of which one egg was successfully fertilized and one embryo was transferred on day two. According to world and Bulgarian statistics, only 6 out of every 100 women become pregnant after the transfer of one embryo on day two (so-called non-selective embryo transfer). To the great joy of the teams of the medical facility and the show, Galya turned out to be one of these six lucky girls. Galya's pregnancy was an exceptional success for the team of obstetrician-gynecologists and embryologists from the "Dr. Shterev" Medical Complex, given the couple's diagnosed serious medical problems. This is another, indisputable proof of the high professionalism, long-term experience and qualifications of the team of specialists working at the hospital!

Currently, the pregnancy of Galya from the project "My Dream Baby" continues to develop well. At the end of September, one of the most important examinations of the pregnant woman was performed - a first trimester screening test for chromosomal abnormalities or, as it is more popularly known, "biochemical screening". The examination was carried out by Dr. Petya Chaveeva, a specialist in the fetal medicine sector of the "Dr. Shterev" Medical Complex. The test included an ultrasound examination of the fetus - "measuring the fluid behind the baby's neck" or nuchal fold, the nasal bone, examination of the right heart valve and a small vessel in the liver (ductus venosus) and drawing blood from the pregnant woman to measure two substances of pregnancy, products of the placenta (free β-hCG and PAPP-A). This test provides information on the risk of chromosomal abnormalities, as well as detecting major anatomical defects in fetuses. To the great joy of the couple, Dr. Yunakova and the entire team, everything with Galya and Krasi's baby is developing normally, and the results show a low risk of chromosomal damage to the fetus. The team at

Medical complex "Dr. Shterv" is keeping its fingers crossed that this difficult-to-achieve and long-awaited pregnancy will continue to develop smoothly in the future!

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