Dr. Violeta Boteva: Energy treatment is like a bloodless operation

Dr. Violeta Boteva: Energy treatment is like a bloodless operation
Dr. Violeta Boteva: Energy treatment is like a bloodless operation

“This is angelic medicine and I believe that in the not too distant future it will become one of the most preferred holistic therapeutic methods of treatment,” writes the popular therapist in her second book, The Unknown Healing Possibilities of Energy Therapy, which has been released in July.

Stress, negative and unpleasant thoughts, emotions and feelings, nested in us, make us sick most often. They are the cause of today's widespread diseases of the respiratory, nervous and digestive systems, as well as cancer. How to deal with these diseases without drugs and additional disabilities, how to live fully and happily in today's chaotic world - more told specifically about c."Doctor" Dr. Boteva.

Dr. Boteva, tell us about the book you published recently?

- Yes, my book came out in July and is sold in the bookstores of "Siela" and "Helicon" publishing houses. It brings together my 25 years of experience as an energy therapist. This method of healing is perhaps the most mystical because the healer heals alone, there is no medication or equipment to assist him. I also do the diagnosis with my hands, I feel where there are any disorders in the organs or on the body. With this energy diagnosis, diseases that have passed in the past are also detected, the person no longer has complaints, but the information about them is kept in his energy field.

Much of human suffering today is due to selfishness. It is painful and unpromising both for the object it is aimed at and for the one who nurtures it, because it does not lead to joy, inspiration and hope, but on the contrary, it is destructive. People must reawaken to the spiritual aspect of life. Spirituality is not doing any practices that are outside of our earthly life. The important thing is to be good, moral, clean, to strive for justice and truth in your relationships with other people. To put yourself in the place of the other, to feel warmth and love for every human being. It is not easy, indeed, but when it is achieved, the advantages are many, because love is a more comfortable state than malice, envy and hatred. Forgiveness frees the soul from anger and suffering.

What makes people sick the most?

- Mental stress affects the body, all organs and systems. It is good to transform negative emotions into positive ones, because what we feel determines our whole life. The most common diseases today are due to psycho-emotional stress. Physical symptoms of stress are diarrhea or constipation, more frequent urination, digestive problems, frequent colds and viral infections, back and shoulder pain, frequent headaches, palpitations, menstrual disturbances. Sometimes stress manifests primarily as psycho-emotional problems and is demonstrated as symptoms on the part of the person's behavior - systematic overeating or lack of interest in food, too long sleep or insomnia, use of alcohol, cigarettes or drugs for the purpose of relaxation, isolation from the rest of the people, nervous habits.

Diseases, directly related to stress are

hypertension, myocardial ischemia, stroke, heart attack, thrombosis, kidney disease, gallstones and inflammation, ulcer, colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, diabetes, development of allergy, autoimmune diseases, obesity, frequent infections of the respiratory system, herpes infections, cancer development.

What diseases do patients most often come to you with?

- Most often I treat people with sinusitis, bronchitis, allergic rhinitis, asthma, with allergies, with hypertension, with stroke, with heart attack, ulcer, gastritis, colitis, inflammation of the stomach, infertility in women, ovarian cysts, inflammation of the kidneys, grit and stones in these organs, as well as the bile, diseases of the peripheral nervous system - plexitis, radiculitis, back pain, disc herniation, arthritis, arthrosis, suffering from various phobias and neuroses, insomnia.

I do not work with cancer patients and children with diabetes. Otherwise, I accept children with bedwetting, who are under a lot of stress, have problems with speech or eating, children who often suffer from infections also respond very well. In elderly diabetics who are on medication, the medication can be completely stopped, and those on insulin reduce the daily doses. The good thing is also that the energy works very well on the secondary complications of diabetes - frequent infections of the respiratory system, urinary tract, gynecological organs, the tendency to depression.

Energy helps to feel whole and harmonious again, people begin to feel an inner strength that gives them peace of mind to react to situations in everyday life. People naturally realize that they cannot control the world around them, wisdom reigns in them, which frees them from burdening themselves with other people's sins.

How long does energy therapy last for each patient?

- During the treatment, which is 21 procedures over about 2 months, there is a process of detoxification of the body, because energy therapy is like bloodless surgery. The energy so powerfully stimulates the immune system that it starts going tissue by tissue, cell by cell, finds the disorders in the body and works on their elimination. In fact, the treatment is at the cellular level. These mechanisms for self-healing and self-restoration are embedded in us by nature, but apparently because of our unnatural way of life they have become stunted. Manifestations of aggression, internal tension, negative emotions suppress the immune system, because you have an attitude in your mind that opposes life. At the moment, the state of stress is activated - adrenaline, cortisol, corticosteroids rise. This leads to increased blood pressure, allergies, autoimmune diseases, digestive problems. The latest research shows that some types of cancer are also provoked by the state of stress - emotional and mental, strong sadness, aggression towards someone, anger, hatred, fear, etc.n.

Doesn't studying medicine disappoint you?

- Even as a medical student, I was quite disappointed that I was condemned to help people only with medicine. We know that medication only treats the symptoms of the disease. I felt that I should graduate from medicine, but I knew that the healing power with which I would help people was inside my soul. This was in 1989, I knew it was only a matter of time before this power manifested itself.

I think that people should be treated with a holistic approach - on the one hand, to treat the disease on a physical level, but for a treatment to be of high quality, the therapist should pay a lot of attention to the emotional state of the patient, yes help him overcome some of his weaknesses and mistakes. This can only be done with a lot of love - threats and frightening predictions about his future cannot be done. One of the major shortcomings of conventional medicine, which still relies entirely on medication for the treatment of various diseases, is that it completely ignores the most important factor for impaired he alth - the mental causes of the development of diseases.

Each of us has our own heredity and genetics, there are some weaknesses in the body, but to what extent they will unfold in our life as a disease, depends mostly on our behavior - the way we eat, rest, treatment we choose when symptoms appear. Prevention is very important, as is energy therapy, because it treats the disease at the energy level, in the very initial phase, before it manifests itself at the structural level. Spiritual and mental hygiene is also very important for our he alth - to pay attention to our thoughts and feelings, the way things happen in our inner world, because they determine everything else. Negative emotions affect every organ. For example, it has been shown that there is a link between stress and osteoporosis - cortisol, the main stress hormone, leaches calcium from the bones. Even if we take food rich in calcium, negative thoughts and feelings of anger, hatred, fear, contempt, despair stimulate the production of this hormone, and it destroys calcium and leads to disease.

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