Lyubo Kirov: God saved my life in the accident

Lyubo Kirov: God saved my life in the accident
Lyubo Kirov: God saved my life in the accident

Lyubo Kirov, better known as Lyubo from "Them", is a singer, author of many hits in pop music and dozens of song lyrics, born on October 27, 1972 in Pleven.

In addition to being an in-demand songwriter, Lubo has performed as a guest vocalist in a number of his colleagues' musical projects. Lyubo's joint project with Zhivko Petrov "Life is beautiful" became quite popular with its provocative video, which reached over 1,200,000 views.

A few days ago, the famous musician suffered a serious accident. In the accident, the singer's car ended up in a puddle, after which it repeatedly hit the guardrail. Miraculously, he himself was not hurt, and then he even managed to get to Burgas, where he had a concert.

The singer is of the opinion that God saved his life despite the hellish disaster. Perhaps this is because of his selfless participation in dozens of campaigns and charitable causes to raise funds for the treatment of Bulgarians abroad. Here's what Lubo Kirov shared with "Doctor" about why he will never give up on charity.

Love, you say that a miracle happened to you, and for the second time?

- It's really a miracle I survived because there were a lot of hits and not one hit my driver's door. The place is closed like an unharmed cocoon – as if something or someone was protecting me. I'm still in shock and can't believe what happened to me and that I'm alive. Thank God for that!

Yes, it's not my first time. This is the second time I have survived a serious accident. Years ago I traveled with my mother in a small sports car to our cottage. We come out on a turn and I can't take it. I slammed on the brakes, the car turned, and as we flew upside down, my mom and I looked at each other like in slow motion. I thought, “This is the end! We will break"! There are few people who would believe that we escaped with bruises and injuries, but alive! At one point I felt as if someone grabbed the car, turned it around and it fell on its tires - soft, light, like cotton. We survived, and the car was gutted beyond recognition. I am a believer, only God helped us then. Like now…

How do you recover from fatigue, tension, emotions?

- Sleep is my medicine. There must be a good night's sleep in order for a person to recover from what he experienced during the day. And I'm doing my best to get it.

You participate in many charity campaigns - why?

- Precisely to help those in need of treatment as much as I can. Doing good does not require much effort. You just have to empathize with the plight of the people around you. That's the kind of person I am, good-natured and trying art, with what I can do best, to help the person next to me

One should do to others as he would like to be done to him if he were in a given situation.

Why is it still necessary to raise funds for treatment? Where is the country in this case?

- In most cases it is not there. It is constantly being talked about and written in the media about how poor a nation we are, how young and old are starving, how adults are dying without a doctor and medicine in small towns. The bums seem to have disappeared from the center of Sofia, but they sleep in the suburbs, live around the garbage cans. That's where they eat… I'm very hurt by what's happening.

Is there a lack of good doctors in our country?

- No, they are not missing. We have good, qualified specialists, but something is still missing to completely cure their patients. Here, for example, are people in a waking coma. There are not hundreds of them in our country, but no one, after they leave the hospitals, is interested in them. I've been wondering - why isn't there a separate clinical pathway for them? Rehabilitation, check-up with neurologists - that's it.

And that they are fed through a tube through the stomach, that they vegetate, that their muscles are disappearing - does society know this?! Probably, "Doctor" also writes about them, but do you manage to help them?!

Things are also bad for children with cerebral palsy - again, rehabilitation is the most important. Without it, they are lost, doomed to spend their whole lives in a wheelchair. But around the world they treat such people with stem cells - and they are successful. There is no such treatment in our country - I have spoken to parents who have been told that this is an experimental treatment.

As if there is no end to this sick topic. We can talk for hours about the various cases when the whole of Bulgaria united around the rescue of leukemia patients. I will only mention Annie, may the girl rest in peace… He alth care in our country is at a dead end and only an extreme optimist believes that it will get better. I'm not an optimist…

You became the face of "Bulgarian Christmas" in 2013…

- This is the purest Bulgarian noble cause! Her main goal in 2013 was to raise as much money as possible to provide timely care for children with mild hearing and visual impairments. The campaign raised funds for high-tech equipment in the country's university hospitals. The children's wards of the regional hospitals lacked devices for early diagnosis and treatment for these diseases, and the goal was for children throughout the country to receive timely and adequate help and to be able to be treated in Bulgaria.

Hearing and seeing - this is man's window to the world. He gains real insight into everything around him.

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