Goodbye extra pounds

Goodbye extra pounds
Goodbye extra pounds

The most common causes of overweight are improper nutrition and bad eating habits, as well as lack of physical activity.

Other factors leading to an increase in body weight are endocrine disorders, diabetes, hypoglycemia, emotional stress, boredom, and there are already convincing theories about heredity in obesity.

Being overweight is a serious he alth problem. Most dieters regain their previous weight within three to five years.

There are major approaches to fighting obesity and one of them is through natural appetite suppressants.

The nutritional supplement of the "Burov" company can provide you with this comfort through its rich natural composition."STRONG day and night" is a cocktail of the natural raw materials garcinia and red algae, which stimulate the burning of fats, turning them into energy. They also regulate cholesterol levels and prevent the accumulation of fat in the body. Green coffee extract keeps the body alert and able to work throughout the day.

Birch extract has a drainage effect. Frees the body from excess fluids, which leads to a reduction in cellulite. Plant enzymes have a beneficial effect on digestion and proper metabolism. The combination of vitamins contributes to the proper utilization of fats, carbohydrates and proteins in the body. And it doesn't stop there, this is just the contents of the daytime capsules, the product also has capsules for your evening comfort.

They again contain garcinia, which activates and accelerates metabolic processes during sleep. Senna, flax, fennel and rose oil stimulate the correct metabolism and morning cleansing processes, thus supporting the body's detoxification activity. Nutritional supplements can be a complementary tool for your diet and help to achieve good self-esteem and a desired figure faster.

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