From March 9, free glaucoma examinations will begin at Aleksandrovsk Hospital

From March 9, free glaucoma examinations will begin at Aleksandrovsk Hospital
From March 9, free glaucoma examinations will begin at Aleksandrovsk Hospital

On the occasion of World Glaucoma Week, from March 9 to 14, 2015, free eye examinations for glaucoma and cataracts will be held in the glaucoma office of the Eye Clinic of Aleksandrovsk Hospital, 4th floor. Ophthalmologists will examine every day from 14:00 to 18:00. Referral to the NHSOC is not required. Phone for advance booking: 02/9230 583.

World Glaucoma Week is held every year on the initiative of the World Glaucoma Association and the World Glaucoma Patient Association.

Glaucoma is a chronic, progressive disease that damages the optic nerve and nerve cells in the retina. As a result, as the disease progresses, the characteristic changes in visual functions develop - loss of peripheral vision, and at a later stage, central vision.

Glaucoma is among the leading causes of irreversible blindness, and the frequency of the disease increases with age. It is treated with medication, laser therapy and surgery. The goal of treatment is to stop or at least slow down the progression of the disease and preserve the remaining functional vision. Still the only proven effective way to control the structural changes and preserve the visual functions is the reduction of the intraocular pressure.

Since the beginning of 2015, the Eye Clinic of Aleksandrovsk Hospital has operated three new devices for diagnostic clarification and treatment of glaucoma, the tests with which are fast, bloodless and harmless and are fully paid for by the He alth Insurance Fund.

The pneumotomometer is a modern and highly accurate screening method for measuring intraocular pressure with air. It is performed without anesthesia. The optical coherence tomography or scanner of the eye gives objective quantitative information about the presence of the earliest glaucomatous changes. Selective laser trabeculoplasty is one of the most modern methods of laser treatment of glaucoma.

On March 10, 2015, from 2 to 3:30 p.m., in the "Yanko Dobrev" auditorium of the Second Surgery, on the occasion of the World Glaucoma Week, a scientific session of the Eye Clinic - UMBAL "Alexandrovska" will be held in partnership with The National Glaucoma Association and the Glaucoma Patient Organization Association. The event, which will be attended by doctors and patients, consists of three presentations presenting modern methods of diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma, as well as modern care for glaucoma patients. Assoc. Nataliya Petkova, chairperson of the National Academy of Sciences, ch. Assistant Professor Dr. Stanislava Kostova and Head Dr. Charita Rankova, assistant professor, head of the 1st department of the Clinic for Eye Diseases at Aleksandrovsk Hospital.

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