Stefan Danailov: I lost my eyes from a virus and chemotherapy

Stefan Danailov: I lost my eyes from a virus and chemotherapy
Stefan Danailov: I lost my eyes from a virus and chemotherapy

Famous actor and MP Stefan Danailov already felt at the end of last year that after the series of chemotherapies due to malignant lymphoma, which struck him out of nowhere, as he himself says, his eyesight was deteriorating. He can hardly see with his left eye, which at one point closes. After some time, there is already a problem with the right eye. He does not lose his composure and with his personal physician, Dr. Daskalov, who has been monitoring his condition since he contracted the malignant disease, he goes for an examination and consultation with our famous ophthalmologist Dr. Petya Vasileva.

The two doctors are unanimous that it is a consequence of the lymphoma and his weakened immune system. They recommend an operation in Germany, they are convinced that it will save his sight.

Lambo left immediately for an authoritative clinic, where he was operated on. "The prognoses of the German doctors are optimistic, but who knows," the actor, beloved by generations of Bulgarians, told a My Clinic reporter.

Hello, Prof. Danailov! How do you feel? Sorry to ask, but has there been any change in your he alth?

- Thank you, I want to say I'm fine, but it wouldn't be quite right. I had trouble with my eyes, after the New Year my left eye was operated on in a German clinic - it suffered the most from my illness. Then an operation was also necessary on the right - but with it I can see better.

But everything is fine with your illness, isn't it?

- Yes, I am continuing the therapy according to the schedule, but a virus "attacked" my eyes and my vision is very bad, the retina on the left is more damaged. I'm not going blind, but they had to operate on my left eye first. I have had problems with my vision for a long time, but I am patient and still hope that everything will be fine. However, in December

one eye completely closed

First they operated on the left eye, then the right eye - with the bandages I was blind as a mole. I'm still on sick leave, I don't go to work in the parliament.

And in NATFIZ among the students?

- I go, I have three premiers. "The Sky Squad", a heavy play, will be performed by my students. Unfortunately, I won't be able to see them perform the show… However, my immune system has collapsed, it's completely shaken, they don't let me go out, they've banned me.

When they took off the bandages, can you see now?

- A week ago I also had my right bandage removed, things are looking up! (Laughs!) Only my typical sense of humor has not left me, otherwise this chemotherapy and viruses will surely tire me out.

The yellow papers say,

that my condition has worsened, that I have had a bone marrow transplant - how it's going in the eyes, I still don't know… Nothing but operations have been done to me so far. And I have no recurrence of lymphoma! Now my eyes are the problem…


- In the first days of January 2014, Stefan Danailov found out that he had been diagnosed with "Non-Hodgkin lymphoma". His illness was discovered a few months after the actor complained of night sweats, dizziness and fatigue. Intensive chemotherapy begins at the Specialized Hospital for Active Oncology Treatment in Sofia. He is categorical that he wants to be treated in Bulgaria.

- In August, he left with his attending physician Prof. Georgi Mihailov for research in France, at the "Pitier-Salpetriere" clinic. The results are the same as those made in Bulgaria - the actor is sure, he has coped with the disease. At Pitier-Salpetriere Hospital, the favorite of the Bulgarian public claims that the doctors there are at such a high level, as are their Bulgarian colleagues.

- In September goes into remission and no new chemotherapy is required. But he lost his wife Maria and fell into depression. He tries with a lot of work to overcome the pain and loneliness. His immune system is severely weakened.

- At the end of 2014, in December, Stefan Danailov began to lose his sight. His worsening condition is the reason he sought medical attention. Our well-known ophthalmology academic Dr. Petya Vasileva sends him for surgery with colleagues at a clinic in Germany. The German doctors' prognosis is good.

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