Polly Paskova: The forgotten medicine for diseases is forgiveness

Polly Paskova: The forgotten medicine for diseases is forgiveness
Polly Paskova: The forgotten medicine for diseases is forgiveness

Polly Paskova and the healer Kosyo Lubenov will save Bulgaria on March 21. This sensational headline appeared in the media related to the concert of the folk singer, Chinari ensemble and other performers in the Arena Armeets hall. What is hidden behind all this, Polly Paskova herself revealed to My Clinic.

Mrs. Paskova, why is your concert planned for the day of the spring equinox and why is your motto "Through Love to revive our Spirit and preserve Bulgaria"?

- The date of the concert, March 21, was not chosen by chance. Then the cosmic energy is multiplied by two. I support the idea of the organizers that something should and can be done for Bulgaria, that the decisive factor is not so much the economic crisis, but rather the spiritual crisis, the ignorance and fear of the people. According to the law of attraction, fear leads to terrible things. In order to ensure a better future for our children, we should not get angry, blaspheme, because we are even more pushing our future. Darkness is served by fear, malice, anger, jealousy. Through these feelings we become donors of darkness. Light is served by love, charity and compassion.

We are the creators of our own destiny through our thoughts, words and deeds. What we are going through right now, we crushed it some time ago. And what we do now, we will experience in time. There are ways to avoid the bad that is to come. If you look back and forgive the negative emotions. That is why there is such a ritual and holiday in almost all religions called forgiveness. Much of our sickness and trials are the result of our mistakes. There are ways to work them out - to forgive ourselves and others, to take forgiveness from God to change our future. In the same way, national karma happens, which is distributed on the shoulders of the entire nation. I have read in many books that we were under slavery because of the slaughter and expulsion of the Bogomils. The primary responsibility for national karma rests with politicians. But to pick up strikes,

getting angry doesn't help us,

because these are again negative emotions. We must turn back and forgive.

The purpose of the concert is not only to have fun, but also for the people to feel that salvation lies within ourselves. We should not wait for some outside guru to help us. We are known as a God blessed people with special DNA. We just need to band together and help ourselves. Our first goal is to grow spiritually, and our second goal is to help grow our Earth, which has a living consciousness. This is a unique transition, during which the poles of the planet change, cataclysms occur. Along with this, there are changes in the Earth's biological systems. When there is sacrifice, death, there is also compassion that raises the vibrations.

What should people expect at this concert?

- We, the performers, will sing completely free of charge because we support this idea. The entrance is symbolic - BGN 3, so that every person can afford it. It is BGN 1 for pensioners and children. The organizer has no commercial goals. This is the famous healer Kosyo Lubenov, who heals with crystals. His gift is unlocked after a comatose state - he crashed in France, where he worked as a chef. His talk will be very short. We will make a general prayer for Bulgaria, after which people will have fun. Our folklore is blessed. It also helps raise the positive vibrations of the universe, and our people are code steps. Our folk music is Bulgaria's energy pillar towards Heaven. Regardless of the fact that in recent years our music has been playing very little on the radios and televisions, lately the Bulgarians have become active and are signing up to learn folk songs - this is a kind of defensive reaction.

Prof. Zhivko Zhelev only wears shirts with Bulgarian embroidery and claims that this is how his heart recovered after a heart attack. How do you explain it?

- Bulgarian embroidery carries special codes, symbols from the high-vibration Thracians are woven into it. That is why it is healing. Advanced civilizations with 12 helices in their DNA - we only have two - heal with sound and vibration. The cells of our bodies also vibrate, absolutely everything in the universe vibrates. This is why voice and song can unlock spaces and dimensions, heal the body at the cellular level. Each organ responds to the vibrations of a particular tone in the scale. It's proven.

It is not by chance that there is music therapy in medicine

Some songs give you energy, and others keep you under tension and are not pleasant for you. It's a whole science.

And do your songs heal you personally and the people who listen to them?

- They are written and sung with a lot of love, they are my beloved children. And as soon as I send this love to people, I receive love from them. I don't want to brag, but for 17 years I haven't taken a single analgin. In the last three years, strange creatures have appeared at my concerts. They are noticed in 1500 photos. At first I rubbed the photos, thinking that these were stains on them. Then I started collecting them. I showed them to Eli Loginova and some of the best Bulgarian contacts. Everyone agreed that these beings were heavenly healers. They show up at my concerts in different cities and towns and register on different cameras, not just mine. After my last concert at the NDK, I started getting calls that people were cured of various diseases. I started to laugh. I thought they were joking.

I was assured that a woman had dropped three diopters

On the third song, her glasses got sweaty. She thought it was because she was crying, and started to wipe them. But she realized that she could see perfectly even without the glasses. "We waited a month to see if it was something temporary. However, she continues to see herself," her relative told me.

Another person, quite authoritative, told me how a woman on crutches propped them up on the chair and started playing. She was telling me this and crying. Third case - a woman whose father died, she was grieving and they barely brought her to the concert. After him, she started writing unique spiritual poems.

I will tell you another story. I have a shop. The saleswoman told me that her mother is diabetic and takes a handful of pills. But since she's been listening to my songs, she's off the pills and just feels good. From here and there they started telling me all kinds of things.

What is the spiritual meaning of physical illness?

There are two types of diseases. Some of our souls choose them before they enter the body like a garment, but forget because they get amnesia at birth. Through this disease we develop and elevate our soul. It makes you think about who you are, why you are here, where you went wrong and defacto saves your soul, even though you suffer physically. The second kind of diseases we acquire here by our deeds, words and thoughts. It's all in us and everyone bears their own personal responsibility for their illnesses, understand. Many people resort to drugs and thus poison themselves. The cure is within ourselves. The forgotten medicine is forgiveness.

Then should seriously ill people quietly accept their fate and not seek medical help?

- I do not deny medicine. But the easiest thing is to swallow the pill and let the pain go away. However, this is only temporary. Instead of resenting, the sick should accept their fate with gratitude and then they will get relief. In recent years, my father was ill, he had emphysema of the lung, he could hardly breathe. He was operated on for cancer ten years ago. But finally he came to his senses, kissed my mother's hand, asked for forgiveness from all of us. He experienced terrible torments, but they were a catalyst for his realization, to analyze his life and learn the lesson for which he came here on Earth. Now I am calm for him because I know his soul is in a bright place.

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