Let it be easy for us after the heavy meal

Let it be easy for us after the heavy meal
Let it be easy for us after the heavy meal

Eating and drinking on stomach and then - oh ole. Every time we promise that "from now on" it will be different - that we won't spend hours around the table, we won't overeat and abuse alcohol, etc. But what to do - abstinence is not inherent in us.

Christmas and New Year are approaching. And we all look forward to the long holidays when we get to spend more time with family and friends. Where? Around the table, of course! Do you feel like the familiar scenario will repeat itself again? Eating and drinking as much as possible. And so for days. All this leads to various gastrointestinal disturbances, mainly constipation and bloating, which can last very long after the holidays.

What happens when you are in a "baked" position?

When the stomach is "baked", toxins and slags accumulate in the body, which disrupt the activity of other organs and systems. The excess of toxins in the body causes fatigue and lethargy, depression and bad mood, bad breath, skin problems, etc. If we add to all this the swollen belly and the incessant release of gases, the situation becomes quite unpleasant.

What can cause constipation and bloating?

Indiscriminate eating and abuse of heavy food and alcohol confuses the digestive system. As a result, retention and/or delayed movement of food through the digestive tract occurs, and naturally - constipation. Constipation can also occur as a result of changing the usual environment and traveling longer distances.

How to counter?

To be energetic and in perfect shape during the Christmas and New Year holidays, you need to keep your digestive system in very good condition. How to do it? With the help of the cleansing, natural means without added senna! Naturalax 3 is also such a product.

Naturalax 3 is an all-natural and highly effective herbal laxative that does not contain hay and is non-addictive! Its composition is completely natural and combines only standardized plant extracts with guaranteed origin. The formula of Naturalax 3 combines high-quality, pure extracts of aloe vera, ginger, American walnut, fennel, raspberry, sea buckthorn and mint.

How does Naturalax 3 work?

• Improves the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract

• Supports complete bowel emptying

• Activates the production of digestive juices

• Has an anti-inflammatory effect

• Facilitates the removal of toxins from the body

The natural laxative Naturalax 3 is super effective against: chronic constipation, acute constipation, bloating, hemorrhoids, flatulence, colic. Taking it does not cause discomfort, pain, habituation and other unwanted side effects

Naturalax 3 is a product of the American company Nature's Way, which offers more than 500 natural products of proven quality and effectiveness! The product is available in two sizes – 20 and 100 capsules. You can find Naturalax 3 in the pharmacy network or order it here: www.revita.bg.

Always carry 1 pack of H athuralax 3 with you and spend the holidays in a good mood!

Learn more about Naturalax 3 here.

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