Anya Pencheva: I saw - I couldn't see more than 2 m for 50 years

Anya Pencheva: I saw - I couldn't see more than 2 m for 50 years
Anya Pencheva: I saw - I couldn't see more than 2 m for 50 years

“Anya Pencheva needs no introduction. Whoever likes her knows all about her.” This is what the Bulgarian film and theater actress, beloved by many generations, asked to write in her business card. Anya is in the troupe of the National Theater and you can see her in the productions I Pay, which has been performed more than 100 times, and The Peach Thief, which will have its 100th performance very soon.

Anya, what miracle happened to you?

- After so many years of disbelief, of being told by doctors that I was unsalvageable, a hopeless case, suddenly the miracle happened - I saw! Through your newspaper, I want more people to learn that they have a chance, and not to live like me with pain, with resignation and with the question "What did I do wrong in this life that God punished me not to see for so many years?".

Your eyes radiate an indescribable glow…

- Yes, they shine because I feel like a child who is now discovering the beauty of the world. For 50 years I couldn't see more than 2 meters, people thought I was proud, arrogant. When you're young, you're not afraid of people's opinions, but when you're over 50 and you pass acquaintances and friends simply because everything within 2 meters is like a fog, go and explain that things are not going to dementia.

How did you do on stage?

- The scariest thing was there - everyone learns the lines and I learn the score - 5 steps forward, 10 left, 3 right. It's good that I know in detail the chamber scene where I play.

I'm a vain woman, I didn't want it to be known that I can't see

and theater master Zdravko Dimitrov puts some reflective patches on me - that's how he saves me.

How did you find out about the "Resbiomed" clinic of Dr. Sasho Angelov and Dr. Veni Mileva, where you were operated on?

- I found out by chance from an acquaintance of mine, Maggie Savova, that Prof. Jorge Alio comes to the clinic of her friends - the young family in question - and works miracles. I was there the very next day. They did tests on me with equipment that is unique to Europe. Then they sent them to the professor and he confirmed that there would be a result. I was so hopeful because for years, if I hear of anyone or anywhere that can help me, I'm there. His "result" turned out to be truly a MIRACLE. For so long I had heard astigmatism, underdeveloped eye, many plus, many minus, 80% blindness - stress, fear and disappointments…

How is the operation going?

- First they put an anesthetic on me, I felt so good that I asked if they could give me some to take home! Then I lay on the operating room and could only see light in my eyes - no pain. None! I had lost track of time, it turns out

that the operation was about half an hour

When I got up and saw clearly Prof. Alio, Dr. Angelov and Ivaylo, I was very happy, born again, and snapped: "Professor, I want to marry you!"

Prof. Alio works with high-tech nanomethodology…

- Imagine a hollow needle, about 2 mm in diameter, into which the lens is coiled. The needle is inserted behind the retina and the coiled lens is pushed out, then with the help of another needle the lens is developed. Imagine how good a specialist he is, how he hits the right spot. I couldn't believe it, I was amazed… My husband gave Prof. Alio the biggest compliment, asking him if he was Jewish!?

And who did you call?

- To Kate Euro. We were supposed to be together at the surgery, but she hesitated. I told her: Come, it doesn't hurt, they are great, this is a gift from God, I SEE!!! It was Saturday, she came straight away and was the next to forget her glasses. He was at work on Monday, without glasses… The clinic works with the He alth Insurance Fund.

Your mother recently underwent surgery at the National Heart Hospital. What happened to her?

- There was another operation in our family this year. Mom was in the former Third City Hospital with Dr. Ivo Kojuharov, who saved her 7 years ago.

Now the pacemaker battery had to be replaced

You have no idea what unique doctors there are in this cardiology clinic… I have to say their names - Dr. Gocheva, head of the clinic, Dr. Ivanov, Dr. Baicheva, Dr. Karaivanov, Dr. Tsenova - thank you from the bottom of my heart for saving mom's life! This is a hospital where many young doctors also work. I will also mention the nurse Didi. Beautiful, radiant, believing, she inspires hope in every sick person. 12 years after she retired, she continues to work there.

You have had problem pregnancies…

- Both pregnancies were easy but I had a problem with the delivery. Petya lost her voice and Dr. Janusz Hrtarski operated on me urgently. Then I found out that the umbilical cord was suffocating her - she couldn't breathe, couldn't eat.

I also had problems with Angel. When I went for an examination, Dr. Anatoly Dukovsky immediately operated on me. This time - a short umbilical cord that strained the baby's neck and deprived him of air. I wasn't even aiming for the length of that string (laughs). Another incubator - I've been through grief, fear and hope, I know how helpless you are in the first weeks

to look at your baby through the glass of the incubator, to not be able to help him, to hug him. Therefore, I will always be very grateful and indebted to these savior doctors of mine. Pippi is named after Sasho Dikov's mother, and Angel - after my father, may God forgive him! (cries)…

Sorry for making you cry…

- No matter how many years pass, when I talk about dad, tears start to flow. He was amazing - very tall, handsome, smart. My sister inherited his profession and graduated from the Civil Engineering Institute. Sporty and artistic, with the greatest sense of humor.

I am so glad that life connected me with people like my mother, my sister, Sasho (former), Ivailo (present), Hristo, my sister's husband Valya, my nephews, my children, my friends, because and laughter heals.

Pippi joked yesterday and said to me: "Mom, you gave Angel your long legs and me your Hashimoto's." He inherited high cholesterol from Sasho and had to be treated both here and in England, but with pride, admiration and gratitude I will say that the Bulgarian doctors are the best!

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