Is it true that pyramids can heal?

Is it true that pyramids can heal?
Is it true that pyramids can heal?

For several years now, information about the healing effect of the pyramids has been appearing more and more persistently. I have even come across a woman who had built a pyramid in her yard to heal. So I'm asking you to post some more concrete information backed up by facts or at least calculations. And how can it help us ordinary people?

When talking about the pyramids and their influence on man in general, almost a mystique really appears, which is where people's doubt comes from. Today we will offer you information on the subject provided to us by Dr. Vasil Yonkov. He is a hematologist. He graduated from the Medical Academy in Sofia, he was the head of a department of the hospital inGabrovo. Dr. Yonkov is the author of the books "Life without diseases - 477 rules for good he alth" and "Nobel Laureates in Medicine and Physiology". In his practice, he also offers alternative treatment methods according to special schemes.

"Pyramidal energy radiation has been known for a long time - says the specialist. - Even ancient civilizations built pyramids because they found that the pyramidal structure concentrates cosmic energy. And this energy actually has a beneficial effect on all organisms - plants, animals and people. Energy stimulation is used to accelerate biological processes in plants. Again, pyramids are used for biological treatment of waste water and to prevent the harmful effects of geopathogenic zones. These are those areas, those underground water influences that transform into radiations and cause fatigue and disease”

“And in recent decades, pyramidal volumes have been used to treat many diseases. Most often, these are neuroses, stressful conditions, fatigue, insomnia, headaches and increased sensitivity to weather changes. Mock-up studies show background radiation about 200 meters in diameter from the pyramidal shape.”

There are excellent healing results for bone diseases

The treatment through the energy accumulated in a pyramid gives excellent healing results in diseases such as discopathy, bone diseases, arthrosis, diabetes, as well as many forms of cancer.

“But a healing effect is obtained not only in the diseases listed above - continues the specialist. - A pyramid built according to Cheops' parameters gives excellent healing results. Staying in it for a certain number of sessions gives excellent results in discopathy, bone diseases, arthrosis, diabetes and forms of cancer. In this case, the pyramidal energy acts at the cellular level and has nothing to do with autosuggestion, i.e. even if the patient does not believe, the necessary healing effect will still be obtained. Microorganisms cannot grow in the pyramid, there the water receives the energy, recharges and has a healing effect. In it, barber tools are sharpened by themselves, batteries are charged, and mechanical watches either stop or fall behind. However, I want to point out one important detail here: the section in which the three types of energy - biological, terrestrial and cosmic - are focused, is located one third of the way from the base to the top of the pyramid. A similar but weaker effect can be achieved with smaller pyramidal shapes placed at the workplace or above the bed".

“Everyone can build a pyramid for personal healing purposes,” says Dr. Yonkov. And it indicates the requirements that must be met in order to obtain the desired effect: the dimensions for the length of the base, the height and the edge must be observed exactly to the tenth of a millimeter. Here is the formula:

P=0.9504 x A

“P” denotes the edge and “A” is the base”. And so we find that the dimensions of the Cheops pyramid are: height 150 meters; base - 235.81 m, and edge size - 224.115 meters. There is another phenomenon that occurs by dividing the length of the base by half the height. In this action, we get the number Pi/ 3, 14, known to all of us. We can check and prove: 23.81: 75=3, 1441333333”.

"The pyramidal shapes hide more unsuspected secrets - assures the specialist. - An extremely interesting coincidence has been found between the inclination of the great gallery in the Cheops pyramid, which is equal to 26 degrees and 34 angstroms, and the data of a Nobel discovery in genetics. According to him, 26 degrees is the angle of development of the DNA helix, and 34 angstroms is its wavelength.

Finally, I will allow myself to recommend to patients who often suffer from insomnia, headaches and neuroses to make a cardboard pyramid with the following dimensions: height 20 cm.; base 41,446 cm. And brim size - 29,886 cm. Wear it as a hat at home for 20-30 minutes a day".

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