Who will win a free birth at Dr. Shterev Medical Complex?

Who will win a free birth at Dr. Shterev Medical Complex?
Who will win a free birth at Dr. Shterev Medical Complex?

On December 9, we honor St. Anna - the patron saint of marriage, childbirth and mothers. What better occasion to win a free birth in one of the most renowned and established AG centers in Bulgaria.

The surprise was initiated by the "Dr. Shterev" Medical Complex on the occasion of the official opening of the expanded and renovated maternity ward at the clinic. The maternity package includes all medical services for childbirth and care for the comfort of the mother and the newborn during the days of the postpartum stay. A special Open Day was organized for the guests of the medical facility. All visitors will have the opportunity to explore the wonderful atmosphere of the renovated maternity ward in small groups. The presentations will be led by the famous midwife Didi Dimova, who will answer the questions of mothers and pregnant women about the most specific moments of baby care. Gifts are provided for all guests, but pregnant women will eagerly await the raffle draw for the grand prize – a maternity package. But…

in the beginning was pregnancy tracking

Complex care for pregnant women is a credo for the team of Prof. Atanas Shterev. Therefore, a special sector for prenatal and fetal medicine has been set aside in the Complex. It is staffed by highly qualified specialists, many of whom have specialized at the renowned school of Prof. Kypros Nicolaides at the renowned King's College Medical Center in London. The aspiration of the hospital's management is that the services offered at the "Dr. Shterev" Medical Complex follow the highest achievements of world medicine.

In 2014, the Department of Prenatal and Fetal Medicine was equipped with specialized equipment for mini-invasive laser surgery, with the help of which they give more couples a chance to become pregnant and rank Bulgaria among the 5 countries in Europe after Great Britain and France, Belgium and Spain, in which pregnant women have the opportunity to benefit from the achievements of modern fetal medicine. "Medicine is a team activity of many specialists - anesthesiologists, pediatricians, geneticists, surgeons, but the first in this chain is the specialist in fetal medicine," summarizes Prof. Shterev.

We follow patients' wishes

"In order to respond to the increasing interest of pregnant women from Sofia and the country in the AG care we offer, we have made solid investments. Our innovation program began with the construction of a new hospital building and continues with the renovation and expansion of the maternity ward. We strive not only to perform medical services according to the best global standards, but also to offer an individual approach and comfort to every pregnant woman. That's why our maternity ward, which already has doubled capacity, has become one of the most sought-after OB centers in the country," Dr. Shterev Medical Complex comments.

From the month of November, new birthing rooms, a new extended resuscitation for postpartum monitoring, an additional ten rooms for postpartum recovery, new rooms for neonatological care and a completely renewed medical environment are available to pregnant women. What's the atmosphere like? If it has to be answered in one word, it is Friendly. Pregnant women are welcomed by qualified teams, and specialists are aware of their responsibility to ensure, above all, emotional comfort for pregnant women in this unforgettable moment for them. Notable for its purpose is the dedicated discharge room, which offers a cocktail corner and a home-like area. There, young parents successfully begin their path to parenthood. The complex and individual care that all mothers receive in the maternity ward creates a special emotional bond between the hospital team and the happy families. As the midwife Roza Krasteva says: "When we stand in front of the mother to show her the warm newborn baby, we realize that we are not holding another born child, but a dream come true".

Registrations for the special Open Days on December 9 at the "Dr. Shterev" Medical Complex, when the raffle will be drawn for the grand prize - maternity package, can be made by phone:

02 920 09 01. The address of the Complex is 25-31 Hristo Blagoev Street.

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