Iskra Angelova: Our daughter was born a month early

Iskra Angelova: Our daughter was born a month early
Iskra Angelova: Our daughter was born a month early

Iskra Angelova is well known from the television screen and the theater. The actress and journalist was born on February 10, 1973 in Sofia. She graduated in Bulgarian philology at the Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski" and acting in NATFIZ "Krastyo Sarafov" in the class of Prof. Dimitrina Gyurova and Plamen Markov. In 1997, he graduated with a master's degree in television and radio journalism in the USA. After returning to Bulgaria, Iskra Angelova is a TV presenter on bTV and Nova TV, and for several years she has been the author and host of "Night Birds" on BNT.

As an actress, she participated in several films and in numerous theater performances, including "Beautiful Bodies" ("Tear and Laughter"), "The Monogamous" (National Theater), "One More Time Behind" (Satirical Theater), " Horovod" (Theatre "Bulgarian Army") etc.

Four months ago, Iskra Angelova gave birth to a daughter. Especially for "Doctor", the TV presenter and actress shared how she copes with motherhood and what her impressions of Bulgarian he althcare are.

Mrs. Angelova, how has motherhood changed you?

- I have become more mobilized, I use every minute that the baby sleeps to do the work that is constantly chasing me… I have also become a bigger non-puckist - I am no longer hurt by anyone who tries to touch me and hurt, I'm not so angry at the obvious injustices we are subjected to in this shaky country, where Bai Gagno and his minions rule… I'm not surprised and I'm not so angry - I just look at the baby and everything around immediately becomes brighter!

Why did you decide relatively late to have your first child?

- I think that a person should not bear children simply because society or his relatives expect it from him or to avoid being alone in his old age, but only when he has met the right man with whom he loves very much, share their lives and views on the world and very much want to have a baby.

Do you think there is a working pregnancy tracking system?

- Yes, I followed my pregnancy from the beginning with a wonderful and very attentive doctor - Ivan Lazarov, he has a private office "Gyneka". He saw the baby first and showed it to me on the video zone screen, and I burst into tears of happiness… You know doctors are put up against the wall here, as are people in most other professions dependent on the state. That is why it is very difficult to find real care in public hospitals. Not because the doctors there are not good, but because they have neither the time nor the means to deal with various "pampering". They have much more serious problems and I do not envy them. They save our lives in these hellish conditions.

And pregnancy and childbirth are a series of alleged pampering. Dr. Lazarov was very attentive and could anticipate and neutralize potential problems, such as hormonal imbalance or narrowing of blood vessels, to read genetic studies correctly

and baby tones, premature contractions, etc. To send me to a skin doctor if I got a mole… He treated me very well during my pregnancy and I thank him from the bottom of my heart.

What problems did you encounter during pregnancy and childbirth?

- The usual symptoms - nausea, sweating, pain in the legs at night, which is called restless legs syndrome, insomnia. I've had contractions for the past two months which forced me to stay at home. At the beginning of the eighth month, I went to bed at home because I had contractions. Then I started writing a blog following the example of Gwyneth P altrow, who described her pregnancy like this, and her blog today is lifestyle media. So much free time was visible to me, I needed to think, to write! My blog is

I had no problems at birth. My actress friend warmly recommended me the private hospital "St. Lazar". Dr. Lazarov recommended me the same hospital. I never hoped for such care, such conditions. I won't exaggerate when I say that it was like being in a five-star hotel. Not that it's that important, but it makes a huge impression against all the hospitals I've seen. More importantly, everyone there knew their place and cared for you with all their heart. I was practically motionless after the operation, and the baby was born a month early. I've never had anyone take care of me like this anywhere! The operation took place in minutes in an office equipped like a spaceship - Dr. Nikolova operated on me, together with my gynecologist, Dr. Lazarov. My husband Venelin was by my side the whole time and we looked into each other's eyes.

When I heard the baby cry, I cried… I've never been happier… It hurt like hell after that, but only for the first 4-5 days, then I completely forgot that I had an operation, and the scar is almost gone it shows - it is so masterfully stitched! And as for the prices - they are like in other places, in general.

The owner Dr. Tiyana Nikolova is an amazing doctor. She and her husband, Dr. Nikolov, founded the hospital 15 years ago. This is the best example of private entrepreneurship that I have come across in Bulgaria. This hospital is

created the first bank for stem cells in our country

Their example comes to show that when you are not afraid of work, you are capable, you can do it and you do it continuously and with a lot of love - the results are not late. If all able, capable, talented people do undisturbed exactly what they are best at and earn from it - and society will be satisfied, and they will pull it forward with their very existence.

What is your position on vaccines?

- Hard for. We have already vaccinated the child for hepatitis, tetravalent and Symflorix. I'm a stickler for conventional medicine, my husband is more for homeopathy. I had to use homeopathy and Dr. Zhelyazkov's medicines while I was pregnant. I can say with my hand on my heart that drops of glue tincture or ginger, as well as the homeopathic "Influcid" or "Engistol" treat and stop a cold much better than paracetamol!

Are you listening to your pediatrician?

- Yes, I listen to them. We happened upon a private children's clinic literally in our yard, where Dr. Yanchev looks after all the children, in general, personally! He comes to visits and carries a big bag like Dr. Doolittle. The clinic is open 24/7 and for a very decent monthly subscription you get all the necessary examinations and tests. In addition, my daughter Alisa has a wonderful jeep - Dr. Panayotova. I trust her completely. She is one of those doctors from back in the day, in whose presence you feel at ease - she just knows! I also have a wonderful jeep - Dr. Dakova, who is always there when I need a referral or advice.

Have you used he alth services abroad?

- Yes, while I was living in America. I was very pleased - the huge insurance was worth every cent - they examine you from head to toe for the slightest pain.

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