Dr. Lafchiyski is still treating patients, even at 85 years old

Dr. Lafchiyski is still treating patients, even at 85 years old
Dr. Lafchiyski is still treating patients, even at 85 years old

He was born in the village of Vrabevo, Loveshka region, graduated in medicine from Sofia University. He started as a young doctor in Dimitrovgrad. He specialized in children's infectious diseases in the former ISUL, and later defended the speci alties "Gastroenterology", "Neuroinfections" and "Tropical Medicine". Over the years, he has worked on the current problems of medicine, developed and published articles in many newspapers and magazines that are related to prevention. He was also a juror, a municipal councilor in the He alth Care Commission, a lecturer in the "Georgi Kirkov" society, an active member of the BRC and a blood donor. He was awarded the Order of Cyril and Methodius, second degree.

However, his true love remains his work. For many years, he was the head of the children's department in the Dimitrovgrad hospital, as well as the infectious department. Today, the tireless medic, despite being 85 years old, continues to work at the Yanev Clinic. There are always people in front of his office, because he is popular not only in Dimitrovgrad, but also in the surrounding villages and towns. "My years don't weigh me down - Dr. Lafchiyski is categorical - my inactivity weighs me down"…

And he tells how, when he arrived in Dimitrovgrad as a young doctor, he was placed in the attic of the newly opened hospital. He was taken over by the surgeon Prof. Raiko Raikov, then chief physician of the hospital, and Assoc. Marcel Cohen, head of the children's department. With kind words, he also remembers the support of Prof. Dr. Georgiev, who is now a famous doctor in Canada…

According to the residents of Dimitrovgrad, Dr. Lafchiyski is unique and a legend. He does not refuse any sick person, whether they seek him during the day or at night. However, one terrible memory still makes Dr. Lafchiisky shudder with horror, even though a lot of time has passed since then. In the mid-1950s, epidemics constantly occurred in Dimitrovgrad due to the poor living conditions in which many families lived. Dr. Lafchiyski remembers that at that time 124 children from the nursery suddenly went to bed sick. The problem came from infected eggs bought from Yambol, with which the soup was made. The children were cured, and at the Third National Congress of Bulgarian Doctors, Dr. Lafchiiski presented the report "Water dysentery outbreak in a new industrial city". This report made such an impression that a famous Russian magazine asked him for an article on the subject. Thus, in the same magazine, the article "Salmonellosis Brandenburg in a nursery in Dimitrovgrad" appeared, which until 1972 was the first study on the subject in Bulgaria.

Dr. Lafchiyski is pained by one thing today - the fact that the sick are much more than twenty years ago, and are getting more and more. And he, riding his faithful 35-year-old zhigula, is waiting for the next bell to go to the next patient. Let's wish him to do it for a long time!

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