Antonio Ugrinsky: I can't see with one eye - I work with children with cancer

Antonio Ugrinsky: I can't see with one eye - I work with children with cancer
Antonio Ugrinsky: I can't see with one eye - I work with children with cancer

Our favorite children's fairy tales always begin with… once upon a time… However, today we will tell you a fairy tale in a modern version - about Peter, an obstetrician-gynecologist, Antonio, an actor in the Varna Drama Theater, and Rumen, an actor, one of "The masters of the air" - we present to you the Ugrinsky family.

For many years, Antonio and Rumen did not suspect that they had an older brother. Rumen had heard of Dr. Petar Ugrynski, but always associated him with his father. And Antonio understands when their father, Dr. Georgi Ugrinski, before he leaves this world, tells him how things are. After enough time spent thinking about how and what exactly to do, Antonio arranges a meeting with Peter.

And this is the beginning of the modern Bulgarian fairy tale "The Three Brothers". To this day, they live happily and together, help each other in whatever way they can, see each other with and without occasion. Unaware that they exist in this world, now the three brothers of the Ugrinsky family are inseparable.

But when you ask them which of them was the "crazy head", all three are categorical: - Antonio.

“He thought up all the possible shenanigans, carried them out with zest and ambition so that they turned out as well as we've seen them in a movie,” adds Rumen.

Antonio made a "flight" with a parachute from the 5th floor again. The "Crazy Head" also invented a way to steal the ampoules with medicines of the father, Dr. Georgi Ugrinski. This is what 54-year-old Antonio, the middle brother, an actor at the Drama Theater in Varna, shared with "Doctor" about his life, destiny, beauty and work.

Antonio, where does your last name come from?

- About our family name, I have not yet researched in detail where it comes from. The little I know is that he is of Polish descent. But we have no Poles in our family, I don't know how we became Ugrinsky. Only Rumen was born in Blagoevgrad, and our family moved to the Macedonian city because our father, Dr. Georgi Ugrinski, a psychiatrist and forensic physician, was assigned to work at the Blagoevgrad hospital. And so we became one of the "other" Sofians - those who leave the big city.

Why do you live and work in Varna?

- When I got married, I had to choose - work or family. And I chose Irina. On New Year's Eve, on January 1, 27 summers ago, she gave me a beautiful son, Alexander, who is mine, our family pride. Our boy graduated from UNSS, he is a producer, he also works in a media outlet, in the sports department. He remained living in Sofia, but we hear each other every day, see each other often.

You and Rumen are very happy to have found your father…

- When dad told me about our brother Peter, I decided that there was nothing to hang around and arranged a meeting with him. I was worried about how to talk to him - to "you" or to "you"… A man stood in front of me, who looks a lot like our father -

his posture, his demeanor, his gait. It's indescribable - but I couldn't fault it. We decided that even though it was only 10 in the morning, let's have a drink each for a rebound, to "untie" our tongues. And it wasn't a mistake - to this day we argue, the three of us through each other, but Peter quickly puts things in order. It turned out that Peter was the first to find out about us and saw me on a theater poster! We agreed to meet at Rumen's house, but a new problem - I had to explain to him who Peter was. Dr. Petar Ugrynski is our oldest brother, our father. He is the head of the pathological pregnancy department at the Second City Hospital in Sofia.

Your brothers say you were the “crazy head”…

- Because I thought up all possible shenanigans, I carried them out with zest and ambition to turn out as well as we have seen them in a movie.

I've done terrible shit. I took the ampoules from my father's emergency bag and threw them into the fire - they made a great noise. Both I could no longer see with one eye, and I enjoyed watching them thunder. I jumped with a handmade parachute from the 5th floor - below. It's good that there was a man to turn me upside down and shake me - so that my parts fit.

The case of the water carrier was very nasty. I look at it, I bend down, something is spinning from below, and I decided to lie under it to see what it is. I didn't see the truck start at all, at one point I just rolled over and one tire passed where I was before.

The driver inside was just dead…

Stunned, unable to speak. And I got out from under the truck and asked him: "What happened, man? Why don't you drive your truck?". Little, my father came running too. He touches me here, there, does it hurt - I wasn't even scared.

Is there anything he althy on you?

- What have I not broken - a leg, an arm, a head - all from pranks. Wigwams, cowboy stunts - everything I've imagined and seen in the movies, I've tried. I skied, shook myself, gave them up. We organized strange games, including feasting on foreign eggs, chickens, of course. My friends and I used to blow smoke in the pastry shop, and we brought some cats to her - the woman was speechless when she saw them there. That's why I have a lot of stitches on me - from my antics.

Have you been sick?

- Even now I am sick, I am being treated at home. I was not well with one eye since I was a child, after a while I completely lost my sight with it. Now I take care of the sick children with a lot of love. And not only them - I try to cheer up the frowning people. The antics came from inside me, I didn't think at all that I could go blind. Now I really like reading, listening to classical music, that's how I relax after a whole day in psychiatry, if I've ever been.

You work in a Swiss program with children with cancer. What does this cost you?

- To a large extent - emotions. It's very hard for me, it's hard to support myself - you see them struggling, tied up with wires, with systems - it's scary if your children get sick. Now I go to the children with cancer less often, I am more busy with others. I'm pitiful, when they put their lawyers on, they cry - and I with them… I'm not kidding - at this age, one cries only from grief! I love to give them hope, to see them smile!

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