12 Bulgarian stars supported patients with pulmonary hypertension

12 Bulgarian stars supported patients with pulmonary hypertension
12 Bulgarian stars supported patients with pulmonary hypertension

On this occasion, the "Pulmonary Hypertension" Association organized the "Blue Lips" Campaign, in which 12 Bulgarian stars from various fields participated free of charge. They posed for charity for a calendar that the patient organization will distribute free of charge to its members and partners. The celebrities participating in the campaign are Margarita Hranova, Uti Bachvarov, Vasko Krpkata, Ustata, Krasimir Avramov, Ekaterina Dafovska, Evgenia Radanova, Lara Zlatareva from TV-7, Bilyana Petrinska, Elen Koleva, Georgi Mamalev and Hristo Mutafchiev.

A similar campaign has already been made in some countries, and its purpose is to popularize and present information about the disease in an accessible way, so that more people are familiar with it and seek a doctor in time.

“Why Blue Lips”? Blue lips and nails are one of the characteristic symptoms of pulmonary hypertension. The rest are easy and quick fatigue, inability to perform elementary physical actions, such as climbing stairs, housework, shopping, etc., severe shortness of breath.

Actually, the disease affects the lungs, whose blood vessels gradually become "clogged" with blood clots, which causes difficulty breathing and shortness of breath. As a result of the reduced function of the lungs, the heart also begins to suffer.

The earlier appropriate therapy is started, the greater the chance the patient has to control his disease well and lead a better quality of life. Often, these patients have been "treated" for years for other diseases with similar symptoms, which further worsens their condition. Thank you all for your support!

The premiere of the exhibition with the photos of the Bulgarian stars who supported the "Blue Lips" campaign is during the Third National Conference on Pulmonary Hypertension, which began today - November 14th in Velingrad", explained Todor Mangarov, chairman of "Pulmonary Hypertension" Association.

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