Georzheta Chakarova: Our diseases are from nerves - the brain hurts first

Georzheta Chakarova: Our diseases are from nerves - the brain hurts first
Georzheta Chakarova: Our diseases are from nerves - the brain hurts first

Georzheta Chakarova is a Bulgarian drama and film actress, one of the stars of the "Ivan Vazov" National Theater. In 1964, he graduated from VITIZ in the class of Prof. Zelcho Mandajiev. Already in 1961-62, Chakarova starred in her first film, "Chronicle of Feelings" directed by Lubomir Sharlandzhiev. Her theatrical career began in the "Yordan Yovkov" Drama Theater in Dobrich in 1964. After that, she played in the Satirical Theater for three years. From 1970 until his retirement in 2002, he played in the troupe of the National Theater.

The actress is also known for her participation together with her colleague Kliment Denchev in the series "The Shop of Tales", broadcast on the show "Good night, children".

Georzheta Chakarova was born in Shumen - in the old family house, built in 1877.from her great-grandfather Kostaki Kutsarov, a merchant and we althy man. Georgeta's grandmother, his daughter, married colonel Georgi Chakarov, who came from Veles, a relative of the Macedonian heroes Ortse and Mile Popiordanovi. "Chocho Popyordanov and I are related," the actress proudly shares.

Georzheta Chakarova is the wife of Stefan Kharitonov - director of documentaries and founder of the chamber ensemble "Ioan Kukuzel". They have a daughter - the actress and TV presenter Alexandra Guzeleva - Shani.

At 73, Georgette looks at least 10 years younger. Not that her life was paved with flowers. Dulcinea, for whom Bulgarian men sighed, calmly accepted the changes in her appearance. Here's what else the beloved actress of generations of Bulgarians told about her life in front of the Doctor.

Mrs. Chakerova, how are you feeling?

- Ok, thanks! I am long past the crises of age that break them. Around the age of 50, my husband became seriously ill. Shani then applied to VITIZ. I was so busy with my roles in the theater, shopping, cooking and taking care of my sick husband that I didn't realize how I passed the critical age. Now I console myself with my granddaughter Alisa - she is the best thing in my life. As with the play "Pygmalion" - it is played once a month at the National Theater.

When my best friend, Tanya Masalitinova, died, it was very difficult for me to overcome her absence. And now there is no one next to me to whom I can share everything the way she did.

How do you live when theater has been your whole life?

- In two sentences I cannot say what the theater gave me or what it took away from me. He is my whole life, although now I live very well, there are no crises, unlike some of my colleagues in retirement. My daughter doesn't believe me that I don't suffer, that I don't feel bad for the scene. Maybe because I delayed my retirement twice. Maybe because in her childhood memories

I was "married" to the theater

And although I have been retired for more than 13 years, I have not completely broken with the theater - I play in "Pygmalion". He gave me everything, but whatever he took from me, it doesn't hurt me, I gave him my heart.

My family's life was subordinated to my theater, it is not easy to live with an artist. God saved me from gossip, but my child grew up between the sets. I found the strength to apologize to her for missing her childhood, but she understands me and has forgiven me a long time ago.

How does your day go?

- I get up early, that's how I'm used to it, I have breakfast, I drink coffee. Crackers with cheese, with a little jam, fresh milk - this is usually my breakfast. I read a lot - at any time, in the evening, sometimes until 3 am. Every day I buy a newspaper and read it to the last letter. Well, sometimes it's hard for me to be alone, I feel quite lonely. I hardly watch TV, only the news, but I don't miss my daughter Shani's shows. Sometimes I meet friends for coffee. Once a month we meet with colleagues from the VITIZ group. I live hard, but I'm fine! I don't just sit at home, I go out, meet with colleagues, go shopping - I have the energy for everything, although my day is the most ordinary and too banal.

Are you eating he althy?

- Yes, I try to do it. I cook for myself, but I also eat pizza. I saw some home food establishments. Sometimes I take from there, for variety, but two portions - for me and for an older friend who broke her leg and lives alone. I don't drink herbal teas because I don't know their effect. But when it's cold, I drink - they warm you, they smell wonderful.

You mentioned that you write down what tasks you have for the day…

- I think it's normal -

began to forget a lot

and that's why I write down the tasks on a piece of paper. I also solve crosswords - activated the brain. In the joke circle, but I have to go to the doctor, he should prescribe me some medicine, but I don't have any tests. I take supplements, I have a he alth problem, I don't want to go into details, but they really help me.

Have you ever been seriously ill?

- Since I was young, I have followed a certain regime of rest and work. This has kept me in relatively good he alth for these years. Dr. Balabanova, she was an eye doctor, I had barley around my eyes, she operated on them. It is not easy for Bulgarian doctors, they work in miserable conditions, but we must respect them.

I did research for atherosclerosis

in a private hospital, so far I am fine. I have a nodule on the thyroid gland, I don't take medicine, but I have to monitor it, so it doesn't get worse.

Have you always been a normal weight?

- No, unfortunately. I have gained weight several times, and a lot, especially in my legs. It was very unpleasant for me, I have also done diets. I think my weight gain is inherited - mom was chubbier. I did various exercises, I deprived myself of bread and sweets. But I hear that now many young girls are starving themselves to be thin. And they get sick - emaciated, refuse to eat, instead of having fun and learning, they are treated in hospitals. I swim now too, it keeps me fit.

Years ago I had high blood pressure, now I'm fine, but I take pills. Medicines are very expensive, I pay more than BGN 100 for medicines. The situation of the elderly in our country is tragic. I had a doctor I knew, from Germany, she used to send free medicines to all the pensioners in Bansko with a TIR - they distributed them according to a list so that they wouldn't get confused as to who should drink what. She died, now people there can barely buy their own pills.

We can't bring back free he alth care, but something must be done for all sick people, not just the elderly. Doctors should ask for this change, I think that things will start from them. No one thinks about the people, about the people in the countryside. Let's be he althy, that's what I wish for every day when I wake up. I think all our diseases are from nerves - first our brain gets sick.

Bulgarians have many problems, worries, there is no work for the young, the adults are starving, they cannot get treatment. The saying that Bulgarians care more about their car than their he alth is very true. I hope the new government will change this, that there will be more prevention so that diseases can be detected in time.

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