Dr. Roksandra Pamukova: "Broncho Pam" wins 10 gold medals from around the world

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Dr. Roksandra Pamukova: "Broncho Pam" wins 10 gold medals from around the world
Dr. Roksandra Pamukova: "Broncho Pam" wins 10 gold medals from around the world

Is it true that Dr. Pamukov is the only doctor outside of China to be awarded the State Administration of Traditional Medicine Award at the Ministry of He alth in China?

- Yes, he is the only doctor as far as I know now, and I read that even in China itself, a small number of doctors are awarded. It is indeed a great honor.

The season of viral infections and acute respiratory diseases has begun. What herbal products are suitable for their prevention and treatment?

- Viral infections can lead to dangerous complications, especially in children and patients over 50 years of age. "Immuno Broncho Pam" - phytotherapeutic capsules, and "Broncho Pam" - fresh aqueous extract in the form of tea, are effective for the prevention and treatment of flu and bronchitis. The preparations have antimicrobial and bactericidal effects and strengthen the immune system. In addition, they have an expectorant effect, soothe the smooth muscles of the bronchi and improve breathing. In persistent high fever, 2-3 teaspoons of linden blossom, which has a diaphoretic effect, can be added to "Broncho Pam" tea.

The preparations have been studied at the Institute of Microbiology at the BAS, hospitals and various international institutions and are causing an international sensation due to their effectiveness and lack of side effects. That is why they win over 10 gold and honorary international awards for innovative contribution to medicine from the EU, USA, Russia, France, etc.

The St. Petersburg Chemical and Pharmaceutical Academy in Russia reports that antibiotics alone help in 56% to 60% of cases of acute bronchitis. In combination with our "Broncho Pam" preparation, the efficiency increases to a remarkable 91%. It is also the highest observed effectiveness in the study covering the dozens of drugs used today.

Dr. Pamukov is considered one of the founders of scientific phytotherapy. What does that mean?

- Phytotherapy develops on the experience of our folk medicine, which Bulgaria can be proud of. Some of the herbs we study

have been known since the time of the Thracians, which shows that our tradition is several thousand years old and is among the oldest and leading in the world. For example, the Thracian king Zalmoxis was legendary in ancient Greece for his medical knowledge.

In 1975, Dr. Pamukov created the first scientific and technical base for phytotherapy in Bulgaria at the Ministry of He alth. There, the chemical composition of herbs was studied to clarify why specific plants affected certain diseases. The development of pharmacy also contributed here. The other direction in which work was started at that time was the conduct of tests and clinical trials of medicinal plants and herbal preparations, which scientifically proved their effect on various diseases.

What are the advantages of the phytotherapeutic preparations of Dr. Pamukov and "Pam Medica" compared to chemically synthesized medicinal products?

- Our phytotherapeutic preparations have gone through clinical trials similar to chemically synthesized medicines. The innovative thing about the inventions of "Pam Medica" and Dr. Pamukov is that they treat a number of chronic diseases considered incurable, while at the same time they are non-toxic and without side effects. But I do not wish to contrast chemically synthesized medicinals with phytotherapeutic ones. It depends on the disease - often they complement each other.

In the treatment of what diseases do you have excellent results?

- During weight reduction, colitis, gallstone disease, fibroids, asthmatic bronchitis, etc. we have excellent inventions. For example, "Disovario Pam" treats cysts and fibroids as large as a man's fist and is effective in reproductive problems.

What is the direction of the company's scientific research in recent years?

- We are currently working on the Slim Pam series for weight loss which has

serious success in reducing extra pounds

Being overweight leads to serious problems, such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

The “Slim Pam” series won gold medals for innovative contribution to medicine from France, USA, Portugal, South Korea, etc. countries. This recognition of Bulgarian preparations by leading countries in the field speaks volumes for their qualities. During the research, many cases of severely obese patients were registered who lost between 20 and 80 kg after using "Slim Pam". Clinical trials prove that with the "Slim Pam" series, 3 to 8 kg are reduced after 60 days of use in 87% of patients, and the maximum results are achieved after several months of use. Until now, no other preparation with such proven high efficiency has been presented to the scientific community.

How do you guarantee the quality of the products?

- "Pam Medica" works with leading international experts, including scientists from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, to create phytotherapeutic products of excellent effectiveness and quality. The content of beneficial active substances in the special cultivated plants we use is 1.5 to 7 times higher than in wild species. Medicinal plants are grown under optimal natural conditions, ensuring their ecological purity. They go through laboratory control before being used for our herbal preparations.

Where are your preparations available?

- In Bulgaria, the "Broncho Pam" and "Slim Pam" series are sold in specialized drugstores such as "Lechitel", "Remedium" pharmacies, etc. Recently, our preparations are also available in "Mareshki" pharmacies.

Are some of Pam Medica's products suitable for children?

- Yes, for example "Broncho Pam" is non-toxic and suitable for children suffering from flu and bronchitis. The preparation has undergone clinical studies in Pediatric Pulmonology at the Medical Academy.

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