Lili Ivanova went into the image of Marlene Dietrich in the name of premature babies

Lili Ivanova went into the image of Marlene Dietrich in the name of premature babies
Lili Ivanova went into the image of Marlene Dietrich in the name of premature babies

After reincarnating in the image of Marlene Dietrich and becoming part of the special photo session from the campaign "Let's leave traces", Lili Ivanova will support the final initiative of the Association "CAUSE" with a concert. It will take place on November 10 at 7 p.m. at the "Grand Hotel Sofia", when it will be the last initiative of the association for 2014 under the patronage of the actor Hristo Mutafchiev. A selection of photographs by Velislava Kaimakanova-Nozharova will be available for purchase at a charity auction, one of which is of Lili Ivanova in the image of Marlene Dietrich.

After the end of the auction and as a gesture to its participants, there will be a boutique concert by Lili Ivanova and her musicians Angel Dyulgerov, Ognyan Enev, Veselin Veselinov-Eko, Orlin Tsvetanov and Rosen Vatev. The host of the auction will be Igor Markovski, and all the persons from the photographs will be guests of the event. With the proceeds from the auction and the concert, medical equipment will be purchased for premature newborn babies, seriously ill Bulgarian children and children with insulin-dependent diabetes.

Thanks to this year's campaign, the 33-year-old incubator in the "Kiro Popov" hospital in Karlovo has already been replaced with a brand new one, brand Dräger, model Isolette C2000. The funds were collected through the "Let's Leave Traces III" campaign of the "CAUSE" association.

A donation of one incubator was also made to the hospital "St. Marina" in Varna. The two machines are already functioning in he alth facilities since the beginning of August.

The association "KAUZA" has been working since 2012 and until now through the campaign "Let's leave traces" donations in the amount of BGN 105,000 have been collected. With the money, incubators were bought for the neonatology departments of the general hospital in Plovdiv. of the medical facility in Karlovo and "St. Marina" - Varna, as well as neonatal monitors for the First General Hospital "St. Sofia" in the capital, equipment for the pediatric oncology department of the hospital "St. Georgi" in Plovdiv, specialized equipment and a car with a special purpose for the needs and goals of the DMSG - Silistra. Part of the funds collected in 2012 were directed to conducting preventive examinations for breast cancer at the National Oncology Center - Sofia.

You can support the initiative by:

- Leave a mark by ordering a t-shirt with your favorite star at web address: WWW. KAUZA. ORG

- Send an SMS with Latin text: DMS KAUZA to a single donation number: 17 777

- You donate funds to the Donation account of the "CAUSE" Association in BGN:

United Bulgarian Bank, Sofia, branch - Ivan Vazov

IBAN: BG23UBBS80021088198030

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