Voin Voinov: My teeth fell out - I'm pulling them out one by one

Voin Voinov: My teeth fell out - I'm pulling them out one by one
Voin Voinov: My teeth fell out - I'm pulling them out one by one

Voin Voinov is one of the few football players who played from children to veterans in one team - in "Levski". The legendary player of the "blues", who feinted the opposing defenders and passed them, was born on September 7, 1952 in the village of Chepintsi. In his career in A-group, he has 226 games and 36 goals. He is the champion of Bulgaria three times and has won three tournaments for the "Bulgaria Cup". In the European tournaments, he has 29 matches and 4 goals, being the starter in two quarter-finals. He played 36 games for the national team. Rital was at the World Cup in Germany in 1974

His coaching career goes through the teams of "Akademik", "Iskar", "Heber", "Belasitsa", "Marek", "Lokomotiv" (Mezdra), "Olympiakos" (Nicosia), "Rhodopa" (Smolyan), "Slivniški hero" and "Bansko". Now he awaits his new challenge.

Mr. Voinov, what is your worst injury as a football player of "Levski"?

- My worst injury was breaking my leg during a match against the Gabrovo team. Then they were in A-group. There was no intention in the actions of the football player from Gabrovo, but in a controversial situation he threw himself at my feet. The fracture was on the small bone just at the ankle. They immediately took me to "Pirogov". I was lucky, no surgery was needed, but they put a splint on me. Then I didn't play for about two months. It wasn't until the third that I started to exercise lightly. But I recovered quickly. Otherwise, I have also had other injuries - muscle tears on the thigh, on the lower leg.

How did you deal with muscle tears?

- What helped me the most is that I am a disciplined person and I followed strictly what the doctors told me - unlike most footballers. When you are well prepared, injuries are less. From my experience as a coach, I know that injuries come when a player is tired, becomes inadequate and underestimates some situations.

Which sports doctors from that time are you grateful to and remember fondly?

- I can't help but mention Prof. Shoilev, his light finger, who took great care of us and helped all the football players. Dr. Kefirov of the national team was also very good and competent. I am also grateful to Dr. Zhan Filipov, who to this day is Levski's doctor, and when we see each other, we share memories. Dr. Filipov was an authority for us, the football players, and his attitude towards us was very human. He allowed us to be with him, won our trust and we shared absolutely everything with him. I'm sure

trust in the doctor is half the cure.

Are you he althy now?

- I am he althy. I feel good physically. I try to do sports, especially now that I don't have a team for two or three months.

I run a few kilometers, at least twice a week. I follow the rule of not overdoing anything, everything in moderation.

My only problem is my teeth. I start taking them out one by one. I put new ones. I don't feel like talking about this topic much because it's not pleasant. But I rely on a very good dental technician Reni Kirilova - the wife of my former teammate Petar Kirilov. She also has an office, she hired a dentist. I go there and I am very satisfied.

Are you afraid of the dentist?

- Yes, and I must have my teeth pulled with anesthesia. Even though a tooth or two were in such a condition that I could pull them out, I would pull them out. I know it doesn't hurt that I won't feel anything, but mentally it's uncomfortable.

Do you go for preventive examinations?

- I'm going, and I can't help but go. Every year, the players are given full examinations, and I, as a coach, also undergo preventive examinations for the main things.

Have you ever been in a Bulgarian hospital and what was your impression?

- I lay for a week in "Pirogov". I had some sort of unwellness and had suggested to myself that I was not well.

Prof. Chepilev was a big fan, he was dying for "Levski".

He took me to the hospital, did full tests on me and on the fifth day kicked me out with the words "You're fine". I was also operated on for appendicitis, also in "Pirogov". I can't say anything bad about the doctors. But this was long time ago. I haven't been in a hospital in a while, knock on wood, and I hope I don't have to.

I wish you he alth and success

- Good luck with your paper too. My wife and I regularly read Doctor. There are many interesting and useful things. Every person, especially at our age, can discover something for themselves. When you turn 60, you understand how important he alth is.

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