Kaka Lara: My life was saved in "Pirogov"

Kaka Lara: My life was saved in "Pirogov"
Kaka Lara: My life was saved in "Pirogov"

Lazara Zlatareva, better known on the TV screen as Kaka Lara, is an actress and one of the popular TV presenters in our country. As a child, he played in the "Tear and Laughter" theater. She became famous only at the age of 16 as the host of the children's show "A Million and One Wishes". He completed his higher education at NATFIZ "Krastyo Sarafov". Subsequently, he played in the Youth Theater and hosted a show on BG radio for four years. It becomes a PR for the show "Everyone in front of the screen", which is broadcast on BNT. At the moment, Lara is the host of the program "Osche chetto", which is broadcast every weekday on TV7. Lara is a happy mother of two daughters – teenage Benji and 3-year-old Vaia. Here's what he told about he alth, illness and tribulations related to doctors, especially for c."Doctor" the charming host.

Lara, how do you manage to keep in perfect shape – everything is visible on the TV screen…

- Oh, I'm not in perfect shape. I follow a special diet. I had gained 40 kg during my first pregnancy, then I lost them because Prof. Donka Baikova made me a diet. It is exactly what I follow to this day. Then I managed to get rid of so many kilos by eating meat, vegetables, dairy products, fish, I didn't miss anything. I haven't starved, it's important how you combine the foods you take in one meal.

The prohibited so-called white foods - sugar, s alt, flour, starches, pasta products - I haven't consumed them since then - almost 17 years already. The point of starting a diet is to make it a lifestyle. Just the thought that this is a diet and it will ever end and you will still eat your favorite forbidden foods is already leading to failure. Because Prof. Baikova didn't forbid me anything, she told me that if I felt like something, I could eat it, somehow I didn't miss these foods. Gradually this became my way of thinking, of living.

I also observe the principles of separate feeding. Potatoes and rice are a serious carbohydrate - I can afford them in combination with vegetables, but not with meat or cheese. If you avoid intermediate meals on the streets, you can buy only harmful food from there, and you can easily lose weight. The other important thing is to eat food that is prepared at home, it can be s alted and flavored, it is not the so-called fast food. If only these three things are observed, you will already have lost a few kilos. Also, mothers often eat breakfast and dinner instead of their children, which is very harmful to their figure.

Let's say, I find it very difficult to overcome my passion for ice cream - I allowed myself to have it. How many times have I eaten ice cream and then cycled for miles to burn off the calories…

During the second pregnancy, how many kilograms did you gain - was the situation so dramatic again?

- I gained 20 kg with my second pregnancy. I then took them off, although I'm still not in my favorite shape at the moment. This is not measured in kilograms, purely visually I do not feel in shape. Because with me, when you remove water from your weight, you lose kilos, but you don't feel it visually.

That is why I have now undertaken a strict return to this regime that I told you about, but which over time you forget to follow strictly as a way of life. I also started practicing regular physical activity – everyone at home can take 10 minutes to make an exercise program. This is still enough to burn calories. Taking the stairs, walking one stop - also works. Me

I really like walking and cycling, though now, since I go to work early in the morning for the TV show, I can't use the bike for public transport. Since I'm on air at 9:30, I won't feel comfortable after cycling 8 km in the morning traffic. So I try to catch up on Saturday and Sunday. There should be a little more physical activity, and in combination with a diet, the results are impressive.

Do you manage to protect your children from dangerous foods?

- Benjy is no longer a child, she is a young woman who you don't get a chance to see shopping at a kiosk. She has witnessed quite painful periods of mine, and she herself also went through an unpleasant "fat" period. In puberty, she lost 12 kg at the age of 14, because in this period girls gain weight easily due to hormones. It looks perfect now, but that's as a result of sports and diet.

However, her peers look very scary and bad by and large. Back in the day, we had one fat person in the class at school. Now it's an event to meet someone who is not overweight. Preservative-laced food is critical to the vision of today's children. In addition, excess weight leads to abnormalities - can we say today that every fourth child has an allergy?! I am convinced that food is the cause of most diseases. I have witnessed, along with the broadcast I do, many people who have overcome serious and severe diseases with a certain diet. You may not be able to beat cancer, but many other problems can be fought with a certain diet, with the isolation of certain types of food for a certain period, not forever. The fact that 250,000 couples in our country are infertile cannot but be linked to the food we eat. Why didn't this problem exist before?

Did you get rid of some diseases after you started eating he althy?

- No, I am an edge that is not caught by diseases, mental problems can't be cured with food, I'm insane beyond repair just…

But now I remember that I had a very difficult operation for ruptured appendicitis and peritonitis, I came across great doctors in "Pirogov". That was about 20 years ago. The whole day there was "A Million and One Wishes" and I was on the air, constantly something was hurting me to the point where by the end of the show it didn't last. I didn't know what was hurting me - I thought it was the ovaries. I got home and friends on the phone advised me to warm up with something. We had an electric pillow, I put it on my stomach and it caused my appendix to burst. Pain, vomiting, hell… My mother and father were not at home, they were at a SDS rally. I quickly reached a neighbor who drove me to "Pirogov". There I was examined by a doctor who said that he had been watching me on TV all day, I couldn't be in so much pain, it was an artist's tricks. He said to give me a painkiller injection and to go home. I don't know the name of the doctor who condemned me to die at home.

However, I passed out in front of the office. The doctors' shifts changed in the evening at 7 p.m. and I came across two doctors - Petar Antov and Petar Zahariev, waking up from their words - "immediately in the operating room, because the appendicitis has burst". I lived in "Pirogov" for a long time, because the operation was not easy, there are unique doctors and nurses there - they took such care of me, I have no words… Well, these two doctors saved my life in "Pirogov"!

After that, my children were always quite crazy, we often went to "Pirogov" with a split head, something broken, a dislocated arm, wrist, shoulder… I always came across great doctors there, with such an approach to the children that everything goes the easiest way.

What is your opinion of the medical profession in general?

- I am grateful to all the doctors with whom I have communicated during my life. I've always met great people, and if anyone has ever come across a doctor who speculated about their condition, I must be lucky. I had wonderful doctors twice at two different maternity clinics.

I don't believe that for the wages they get, there would be a crazy person who would practice this profession without loving it. I have friends who are doctors, and I like their willpower and sense of humor. I think the system is wrong, it has turned them into bureaucrats, they don't have time to do their medical work because of bureaucracy and paperwork. It's not their fault. I've seen situations where they know there's a treatment for your disease, but they tell you there's no clinical pathway, and they wonder what kind of scam they can do to help you.

Do you use alternative treatment methods at home?

- When I was watching Benji, homeopathy was not so modern. Now I try not to overload Vaya with pills if I have to treat her on some occasion. I always prefer some herbal preparations, syrups. Otherwise, we do not use any alternative methods of treatment for now.

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