Prof. Luc Montagnier: Electromagnetic waves are bad for our DNA

Prof. Luc Montagnier: Electromagnetic waves are bad for our DNA
Prof. Luc Montagnier: Electromagnetic waves are bad for our DNA

The world-famous French scientist and Nobel laureate Prof. Luc Montagnier is the discoverer of the HIV virus and the AIDS disease. He also testified in the case against the Bulgarian nurses and the Palestinian doctor Ashraf, accused of infecting Libyan children with the HIV virus, completely exonerating the doctors. Two weeks ago, the virologist arrived in Bulgaria and participated in the Ninth World Conference "Physics, Chemistry and Biology of Water", which was held in Pamporovo. Prof. Montagnier spoke to members of the media about his latest research related to DNA and the properties of water.

Prof. Montagnier, do you think water has its own memory and can we change its properties through music, words, etc.?

- Water does hold many mysteries, but my research is primarily focused on human DNA and water as a body fluid. I can say that through our DNA we give properties to water. The way each of us affects it is unique. In the transmission of this information there are sometimes moments of saturation with information and moments of its clearing. Sometimes certain structures are formed in water thanks to DNA, which are kind of memorized and then disintegrate.

Why did you start studying the properties of water?

- The reason I deal specifically with water is to find an answer to the questions I asked myself as a virologist. This is a natural extension of my work as a virologist, not an entirely new area of my research. And the questions that I asked myself before and now, and to which all of us scientists are looking for an answer, is why even now, with such a developed civilization, there are waves of epidemics and why so many diseases are hereditary.- What conclusions do you come to from the study of water? - In the last 10 years we have noticed and studied the fact that electromagnetic waves affect our DNA and cause oxidative stress that changes the DNA and reduces the defenses of immune system. In addition, human DNA emits electromagnetic waves in an aqueous medium. This radiation is transmitted from person to person and may provide an explanation for the classical concept of disease transmission. According to the model we created, we were able to establish the cause not only of severe diseases that are transmitted from person to person through viruses and microbes, but also of chronic diseases, such as Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, some types of cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, autism.

Explain how your method works in treating autism?

- In studies of children on the autism spectrum in European countries - France, Belgium, etc., an 85% increased content of bacteria was found in their blood. Thanks to our work and the work of an American team of scientists in New York, we were able to identify the agents that cause the intestinal infection. The bacterium in question is found in the intestines of children with autism and in their blood. The lining of the intestine transmits this bacterium to the blood, which in turn blocks to a certain extent the perfusion of the brain and causes the characteristic symptoms in sick children. That's why we concluded that with targeted treatment and correct dosage of antibiotics, autism is curable. French doctors achieved very good results, in which the condition of autistic people improved significantly. But we still haven't been able to get to the definitive cure for autism.

Through antibacterial treatment, other diseases caused by bacterial infections can also be treated - such as diseases of the peripheral nervous system, polyarthritis, Parkinson's. The condition is that antibacterial treatment should be started at an earlier stage of the disease. Treatment with antibiotics, however, can be used primarily as a prevention of neurodegenerative diseases. Our idea of a serious change in medicine is also connected with the application of this model - it should first protect, prevent diseases thanks to timely diagnosis and only then treat. It's the same with dental he alth - it's better to see a dentist before they decay.

Can water cure AIDS and Ebola?

- No, for now.

How can the Ebola epidemic be contained?

- This problem is extremely serious, because of the high degree of contagiousness of this virus - it can be transmitted just by touching the hand of a sick person. Therefore, we cannot hope that the infection will be limited to a certain area. Years ago there were peaks of infection that were limited to one village or a few people. Now it is about several thousand people. Such a process is already difficult to control. It is impossible to put barriers between countries. That is why hygiene is a basic rule for limiting the epidemic. At the moment, the only precautionary measure is the isolation of the sick and the quarantine of the people who have had contact with them. My suggestion is that when a person is in contact with an infected person, their immune system should be strengthened. We have the means and the products to do it - antioxidants, immunostimulants. They increase the resistance of the human immune system. - Is anything being done to find a cure for Ebola? - Not everyone who gets infected dies. The disease affects different people differently and it depends on their innate immunity. There are people who survive and those who don't. Those that survive develop immunity, that is, antibodies. What we can do to treat those infected with Ebola is to also increase so-called acquired immunity. This can be achieved by passive immunization by making serum from the blood of a patient who has recovered from Ebola infection. This serum is injected into an Ebola patient whose immune system is not strong enough to fight the disease.

Is this Ebola serum some kind of vaccine?

- No. Here we have direct administration into the patient's body of antibody serum from an already cured patient.- Can we find in the water the solution to the problem of this infection? - In the future - yes. At this stage – hardly. It is possible, however, to find a way to neutralize strains that use electromagnetic radiation through water and DNA to increase the potency of the infection. In the future, it is possible that this will happen, but at this stage it sounds like fantasy. It is now important to focus efforts on methods of prevention and strengthening of immune defense in anticipation of effective products to affect the virus.

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