Maria Grancharova: Both my father and my mother are fighting cancer

Maria Grancharova: Both my father and my mother are fighting cancer
Maria Grancharova: Both my father and my mother are fighting cancer

Maria Grancharova was born on June 24, 1971 in Sofia. She is the daughter of one of the legends of pop music, Borislav Gruncharov, and the elite model of the recent past, Svetla. She is married and has a 14-year-old son who practices tennis.

In the 90s, Maria was one of the most versatile singers in our country. She became a singer alongside her father and began performing with him. The beautiful performer is the first in Bulgaria to dance on par with her ballet. She has worked with some of the most popular modern ballets in our country such as "Diva", "Veda" and "Saten". 10 years ago he retired from the music scene after a rift with his producer - Slavi Trifonov's already bankrupt music company BMK. Now the beauty returns to the stage with Maga's track "More".

About the things of life, about he alth and illness, about parents and children, we talk with the daughter of the Bulgarian pop legend Borislav Grancharov - Maria Grancharova.

Maria, you are back on stage with the new song "More". Why "More" and why now?

- Because apparently I am at such a stage in my life. I reconsidered many things and realized that I could give more, as I could ask more from life - especially in music. And why now - apparently now is the time. Due to a bunch of side factors, I was in a situation where I didn't feel good mentally. I was withdrawn because of my parents' he alth problems and not only that - I needed to do something to make me feel alive and positively emotional again.

The last 10 years were very hard for me, it was stressful, desperate at times, I faced he alth problems, I got tired of commenting on them. Perhaps this also made me return to music, to give positive emotions to people. The song got me out of a tough situation, it's like a cure for the problems I have with my sick parents. Now I really feel good, alive, he althy - the lyrics of this song say how much more I want to give and take from life! Life is short and we should enjoy every moment!

How are your parents?

- They behave, and I do my best to support them at least mentally. This is what they need - the rest is clear - medications, operations, chemotherapy… I think positively and I will not give in to thinking about the bad. They both have cancer - my mom for 2 years, my dad for one, and they are fighting it.

Dad turned 70, but we postponed the anniversary celebration -

had to have surgery. No one knows what will happen to whom - so many young people are seriously ill… Doctors say that diseases have rejuvenated. As bad as it sounds, but if we pass 50, we should be more relaxed that we will survive at least another 10-15 years in good he alth. Since I have been visiting hospitals, I have seen them full of young sick people.

Your father, Borislav Grncharov, survived a serious operation. Is it ok now?

- Survived an 11-hour operation, very difficult, in "Pirogov". He had to have some things removed in urology, but at least he doesn't have metastases. The doctor who operated on him is very good and my father trusted him. The recovery after such a complex operation is very difficult! Then follow procedures - chemotherapy, radiotherapy…

And how is your mother feeling?

- My mother is also fine at the moment. I hope the period is very long! One does not know, there is no way to say definitively. She was in an Istanbul clinic and is very satisfied, she was operated on there. I could not trust any doctor in our country for lung surgery. We paid a lot of money for the operation in Turkey, 3 times more than in a Bulgarian hospital, but I think they did everything they should. Many Bulgarians are treated in this clinic, there is a high success rate in the treatment of all types of tumors.

He went through radiation and chemotherapy - now he is going through 4 months of examination and tests.

She also experienced heart surgery 3 years ago…

Otherwise, no one knows what triggers cancer and no one is insured! Cancer is now like an epidemic, I don't know a family member who doesn't have a similar problem! It is from the artificial food, from the dirt, from the radiations, from the stress… It is not known how it is unlocked at a certain moment… But, God willing, everything is overcome! After bad comes good… Hope is the most important thing, hope and positive thought!

What does working with children give you?

- In truth, children deserve to have something good done for them the most. They are not to blame for anything - I have looked at both good children and very bad, extremely ill-mannered ones. There are no bad children - there are bad parents! A different generation is growing up from what we were as children - they play and communicate differently. They have been freed from a young age, which in my opinion is not good. From a young age, they witness rudeness, which changes their behavior and attitude towards other people. They hang around the malls, smoke, drink…

How do you maintain your perfect figure?

- Exclusively with sports, 3-4 times a week. I feel fresher, more toned. I can't follow a diet because I'm a glutton, especially for sweets. I don't eat junk, although I allow myself like the kids to visit fast food chains, eat chips, drink coke. Otherwise, I eat more meat, I make fresh juices, vegetables, but I'm not a fan of fruit.

There is a bowl of honey, lemons and ginger on my kitchen counter - I eat at least 3-4 spoonfuls a day, but before meals. It is like an immunostimulant, contains many vitamins, improves peristalsis, even cures cancer.

Are you taking any medication?

- Depends on what. I can't stand severe pain, in my opinion, it puts a lot more strain on the body than drugs would harm it - then I take painkillers. I have been treated with homeopathy for a long time, but I am not satisfied. I also think that I will not help myself with herbs - they require a long time and persistence. often

lately I've been taking valerian-mint-hawthorn

not because I have any serious problems, but because my sleep is more restful. Mint is good for the stomach, hawthorn for the heart.

What is the secret of your youth?

- Simple - gen. My mother is 70 and looks 50. I have never done anything to myself - not even simple things like Botox, Hyaluron. Firstly, that I'm afraid, and secondly - a person should grow up and grow old with dignity. I keep fit with sports - 3-4 times a week I go to the gym, I do a lot of stretching to be flexible. Now I want to start going to puldance - pole dancing, I like it very much and it develops the muscles well. I don't eat he althy because I eat a lot of chocolate - it's good for the brain.

Have you had any serious he alth problems?

- I am stitched up in many places - both on my face and on my body. "Pirogov" is like my second native home - but that was years ago. I was very naughty as a child - wild, unrestrained. I had 6 bronchopneumonias a year. On top of that I also have a chemical burn on my leg. Otherwise, everyone has he alth problems - I don't know a person who doesn't have them. All our problems are "fed" by our negative thinking. We have to live happily, swallow the bad things and move forward.

Do you think there is he althcare in Bulgaria?

- I'm an optimist, I believe things will get better. I still have some hope that the whole system of life in our country will change for our children, that they will not fight for every morsel of bread, as 90% of the people in our country do. These people are very poor, there are only a handful of credit millionaires. They can't afford he althy food, they can't buy their medicines even for blood tests, because they don't have enough money. This should not be the future of our nation! We have closed in on ourselves, blaming others for our own inability to deal with problems. Badness, carelessness are our companions. Humanity escapes us, we live like in a jungle. We have to become better, accept ourselves as we are.

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