Doctors from "Pirogov" performed a feat and saved a newborn

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Doctors from "Pirogov" performed a feat and saved a newborn
Doctors from "Pirogov" performed a feat and saved a newborn

Doctors from "Pirogov" saved a child with a very rare anomaly. The head of pediatric urology, Dr. Stoyan Peev, and the head of traumatology, Prof. Diyan Enchev, performed a complex intervention on a neonatal boy who was born with bladder exstrophy. During the operation, doctors built a new bladder and performed a complex reconstruction of the pelvic bones. The complex intervention lasted over 12 hours

The aim of the operation is to achieve continence (retention) of urine and to ensure stability of the pelvis for future movements in this area.

1 in 100,000 children in our country is born with bladder exstrophy, which is one of the most severe malformations in pediatric urology. This is a combined malformation in which the anterior wall of the bladder, part of the abdominal wall is missing, and the pelvic floor is not closed. The child cannot fulfill his physiological needs in a normal way. As a result of this anomaly, urine is poured onto the skin of his abdomen.

In bladder exstrophy, a series of follow-up operations are required in order to achieve a normal he alth and social status.

The child is currently recovering in the children's urology department of "Pirogov". The mother emphasized that on the eve of the World He alth Day - April 7, she expressed her great gratitude to the entire team that took care of her child, and in particular to the doctors who performed the complex operation. She wished them to be he althy so that they could give he alth to their patients.

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