Look for the Herbs for a He althy Heart book

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Look for the Herbs for a He althy Heart book
Look for the Herbs for a He althy Heart book

The Herbs for a He althy Heart book is an invaluable aid to anyone who wants to keep their heart and circulatory system he althy.

In folk medicine, which is actually traditional not only for Bulgarians, but also for all nations, for centuries medicinal plants have been used for many cardiovascular diseases. From time immemorial, Bulgarians have respected, known and used this we alth that nature gives us - herbs.

From this book you will learn which herbs have a pronounced and already proven good effect on the heart, as well as details about the herbs themselves. The book presents over 160 herbal recipes for the treatment of the most common cardiovascular diseases - arrhythmia, extrasystole/tachycardia, angina, ischemic heart disease, atherosclerosis, chronic heart failure, valvular heart defects, hypertension, heart attack.

Interesting and curious facts about the human heart and cardiovascular system are also published in the publication. As well as guidelines for the prevention of these he alth problems and the proven effective Mediterranean diet, which is better to be a lifestyle for people with heart disease.

The book contains 112 pages, and there is also a color insert to illustrate some of the medicinal plants.

The price of BGN 6.49 will make it accessible to a wide range of readers

You can buy "Herbs for a he althy heart" at newsstands and magazines or order by e-mail: [email protected], phone 02 93 98 719