Scientists have pinpointed a popular product that is killing millions

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Scientists have pinpointed a popular product that is killing millions
Scientists have pinpointed a popular product that is killing millions

Nowadays, stores have everything. Our favorite foods and products are literally at our fingertips

But is this diversity actually good for us? He knows well that not everything that is sold is of good quality or safe. In their pursuit of profit, both producers and traders sometimes forget about quality.

In addition, there are products whose effect on the body scientists are discovering only now.

For example, it has long been said that sugar is harmful. Scientists have found that it is the most dangerous product for our body. However, let's see why this is so and why its consumption should be limited.

What is sugar?

Sugars are low molecular weight carbohydrates, organic substances that have a similar structure. We know many types of sugars - glucose, fructose, galactose, etc. Various sugars are present in small doses in most foods. There are also low molecular sugars - carbohydrates. These include starch, dietary fiber.

Added sugar, for example, a spoonful of sugar in tea, quickly enters the bloodstream, while sugar from fruits and vegetables differs in that vitamins, trace elements and fiber are added to it - and enters the body gradually.

Why is sugar dangerous?

Remember that sugar is a man-made product, not a natural product. “It is a man-made product. It is a powder, the chemical formula is fructose plus glucose. No other food on earth has caused as many deaths and led to as many pathologies as sugar.

It is not only about diabetes, but also atherosclerosis, stroke, heart attack. There is such a thing as glycation - the dissolution of proteins with sugar, glucose, says Alexey Kovalkov, Doctor of Medical Sciences.

It should be noted that if we consume sugar in excess, our body is simply not able to digest such amount of carbohydrates. This leads to obesity, diabetes, stroke, heart attack.

75% of supermarket foods contain added sugar

With frequent use of sugar, processes occur that reduce the level of hyaluronic acid, which is responsible for maintaining the moisture level of the skin. Which does a lot of damage.

The skin becomes dry, dehydrated and looks lifeless. Dark circles under the eyes, puffiness and enlarged pores may also appear.

Doctors say that if you give up sugar for two weeks, your skin will start to glow.

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