Is complete rejection of sweets harmful to the body?

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Is complete rejection of sweets harmful to the body?
Is complete rejection of sweets harmful to the body?

Nutritionist Brigitte Zeitlin urges us not to completely give up our favorite products, which includes sweets

If you want to live a he althy life, it is enough to simply make some changes in your eating habits.

According to her, because of the complete rejection of sweets, a person can face stress. In addition, allowing oneself to eat a chocolate, the person often begins to feel guilty.

For a person to be he althy, he must also be in a good mental state. The nutritionist explains that if you give up the use of high-calorie food, the desire to eat something similar only increases. Ultimately, such a situation threatens to consume even greater volumes of harmful products.

The expert does not recommend making food the "enemy" by calculating the calorie content of everything eaten. It's best to eat what you like and feel like eating, but watch the portion sizes and don't overdo it.

Another specialist-nutritionist, Elena Tolokonnikova, claims that the complete rejection of sugar in the menu leads to problems with the liver and spleen, and also provokes arthritis and thrombosis. According to her, among other things, a tendency to depression also arises.

In addition, the lack of sugar can become a cause of memory disorders because the brain function is disturbed. The nutritionist is confident that a piece of chocolate after lunch will only be beneficial. For those who are worried about their figure, she recommends dried and candied fruits.

She admits that you can get the necessary amount of sugar for the normal functioning of the body from bell peppers, beets, onions and corn.