Free examinations for venous diseases at "Sofiyamed"

Free examinations for venous diseases at "Sofiyamed"
Free examinations for venous diseases at "Sofiyamed"

They will be performed by the specialists of the vascular surgery department on August 25, 26 and 27 from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. after booking in advance by calling 0700 31 051! within the hospital's "Be he althy!" campaign, which aims to increase public awareness of the prevention of socially significant diseases.

“The first symptoms of venous insufficiency are heaviness in the lower legs, pain in the lower limbs at rest, swelling around the ankles, night cramps (cramps). Venous diseases are a medically and socially significant problem due to the severe complications they cause.

In the case of developed phlebothrombosis, for example, there is a possibility that a thrombus will break off, which will be transferred from the blood stream through the heart to the lung and develop the so-called pulmonary thromboembolism, which often ends fatally.

According to WHO data, this complication of the disease is the 4th most common cause of death in the world.

Therefore, it is extremely important to carry out screening examinations of a large part of the population with the aim of diagnosis and early prevention, as well as treatment in the early stages before severe complications occur," commented Dr. Dimitar Markov, Ph. D. m. Head of the Department of Vascular Surgery at "Sofiyamed" Medical Center.