Mariya Vasileva: Our friend owes BGN 19,000 to the hospital

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Mariya Vasileva: Our friend owes BGN 19,000 to the hospital
Mariya Vasileva: Our friend owes BGN 19,000 to the hospital

Mirella Sabeva is an economist by profession. Eight months ago, she entered the hospital to have a brain aneurysm removed, which is a balloon-like enlargement of an artery in the brain. When it ruptures, the aneurysm causes bleeding, which leads to a hemorrhagic stroke. This is exactly what is happening with Mirella. The consequences are paresis of the left limbs.

We are talking to Maria Vasileva - one of the friends who takes care of Mirella and participates in the organization of a charity concert on September 11 at the NDK for the treatment of the young woman.

- Maria, what happened to Mirella, when did her problems start?

- The operation itself was on October 17 last year (2014). The problem appeared a few days before - general malaise, nausea, vomiting, dizziness. One morning, after he couldn't get out of bed, he called our friend Rumyana. She took her, took her to the doctor, they did a scan. It turned out to be an aneurysm. The very next day, a 5-hour emergency operation was required at the hospital "St. Ivan Rilski" in Sofia, to remove the aneurysm itself and place a platinum stent. A lot of complications and vicissitudes occurred around the operation itself. Mirella

showed intolerance to absolutely all anesthetics

A bunch of anesthesiologists gathered and told us that they will put her under anesthesia, but there is no telling what the outcome will be, that she might go into allergic shock on the operating table. We had to sign papers that we accepted the risks. During the operation, Mirella suffered an ischemic stroke. Good thing it was in the hands of doctors after all. But the stroke has consequences - paresis of the left leg and left arm. He is currently bedridden and has difficulty moving.

What treatment is being given to her?

- 90% of the doctors said she had no chance of recovery, but she is walking, albeit with difficulty. We took her to one neurologist, to a second neurologist, to a third neurologist, and then to a homeopath. Sessions with a psychiatrist, psychoanalyst, and kinesitherapist began. We directed the absolute attention of various specialists to it. They are doing what they have to so that one day Mirella can become an independent person and take care of herself.

She is currently in the "He alth" rehabilitation center in Bankya. There, she undergoes procedures with lye, moving exercises, etc. We are doing everything that is possible to do in Bulgaria to improve its condition. If we have to, we will take her to the end of the world, if there is a chance for her to recover. We are absolutely sure that she will be fine no matter what the doctors say, no matter that sometimes she feels physically and mentally tired and then she doesn't want to do rehab. We support each other, we do what is necessary and we know that this person will pass, that he will live a normal life. In everyday life, we face many hopeless things, but that's why we struggle to overcome them or make them happen. We don't rely on anyone else to do anything. We just act.

What connects you to Mirella?

- A great friendship. I'm one of Mirella's friends. The other two girls are Rumyana Todorova and Antoineta Pencheva. We are the people who care for Mirella. Not only us, of course, other friends too. Everyone helps as much as they can. But we are with her. She is a very smart and sensitive person.

Throughout her life, Mirella has always given,

she was concerned about the people around her. Now this attitude of hers is returned to her, we thank her. Too bad it has to be this way. But she deserves everything we do for her. She is a worthy person to face this trial as well.

Does Mirella have a family, relatives?

- There is only one distant cousin in Varna who looks after her grandchild and cannot come to Sofia to help her. Mirella has been in Sofia for 15 years and has no relatives to lend her a hand. In general, we are just friends around her. At the beginning after the operation, there were a lot of us next to Mirella. This is a circle of friends in which we had fun, went to cultural events. But everyone has commitments. We hired a woman to sit with her for some hours. In fact, this woman is just helping us. Our mutual friend Rumyana became her personal assistant and she mostly takes care of Mirella, her nutrition, her physiological needs - during the day, at night. He also prepared documents and Mirella is already receiving a pension.

I believe that with all the strength and energy that we all give, through the rehabilitation and treatment, in six months or a year, Mirella will recover. One day she will be able to serve herself and be a complete person.

Why are you doing the charity concert on September 11 at the National Palace of Culture?

- Because

operation not paid

The hospital gave us an invoice for over BGN 29,000. By law, the He alth Insurance Fund took BGN 10,000 from them. A debt of BGN 19,000 remained to the hospital. In such a disadvantaged position, you cannot get a loan from a bank, you have no physical ability to pay your debt. Our goal is to raise at least half of the money with the concert. However, we want it to be a good concert, for people to have fun, to have fun and positivity.

The bad thing in Bulgaria is that if you don't have funds and friends, you can't withdraw so much money. And this can happen to anyone - to me, to you. I think having friends is the greatest we alth. Not to have 20 or 50,000 BGN in the bank, but a friend who will be by your side not when you are at the table or having fun or on an excursion, but in the difficult moment. This is more important.

We did three smaller charity events for Mirella. In the Hotel "Bristol" and in the Hotel "Art Plaza", the owners provided me with a hall completely free of charge, in which we organized parties with half the performers from the upcoming charity concert. We gathered friends - 50-60 people - and everyone gives what they can. So we collected BGN 2,000-3,000, with which we cover Mirella's expenses. Her expenses per month for rehabilitation, he althy eating, etc. are around BGN 1500

I see that the concert is done very professionally. Does everyone involved participate for free?

- Around the preparation of this concert, I realized that there are many people in Bulgaria who really help. The hall in the NDK is given to us free of charge, each of the performers participates willingly, as well as all the advertising materials around Sofia - flyers, posters, billboards, even sticking them up. Whoever I call and tell him that I need this and that for a charity concert, after an hour the work is done, and the person does not want a single lev. I did not believe that this still exists in Bulgaria. It gives me hope for the country, for the Bulgarians, that we have not forgotten the kindness in ourselves.

Musicians and actors save lives

Friends, musicians and actors are gathering on September 11 in Hall 11 of the National Palace of Culture, from 19:00, to prove once again that art has the greatest positive power - that of love, empathy and the ability to change fates and expectations.

“Friends for Mirella” is a charity concert that aims to help a young woman who has no family and relatives, but has true friends who have cared for her for years and kept the spark of her life alive.

Filip Avramov, Ioana Bukovska, Dicho, Niki Stanoev, Elitsa Koteva from "Na Kafe", Nika Lubetskaya, Ralitsa Kovachev-Bezhan, Mariana Yotova, Vlado Dimov, Nadia and Alex (ex Deep Zone Project), Vesela Morova, Svetlio and Tsvetelina from Expose, "Chinari" ensemble are part of the participants in the charity concert, which will help raise funds for Mirella. The initiative is of the Art of Life Association, which has dedicated itself to the idea of helping people in need through music, dance and other artistic initiatives.

This is not the first initiative her friends have organized to support her life. Mirella is better than her initial condition, but more efforts are needed to fully recover.

Tickets for the concert are available at the NDK box office and via

Two bank accounts have also been opened to help Mirella:

Bank Account 1

Mirella Ivanova Sabeva/Mirella Ivanova Sabeva

Investbank AD/Investbank Plc

IBAN: BG11IORT73771006089400


Bank Account 2

Alpha Bank Bulgaria Branch

Bank address: 99, blvd. Tsarigradsko shose, Sofia, Bulgaria


Beneficiary’s name: Tatyana Nikolova Yordanova

IBAN: BG18CRBA98981030051657

Facebook event: