Silvia Katsarova: I'm afraid of getting cancer

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Silvia Katsarova: I'm afraid of getting cancer
Silvia Katsarova: I'm afraid of getting cancer

Silvia Katsarova was born on April 26 in Dobrich. She spent her childhood there, but moved with her parents to Haskovo, where she graduated from an economic college. With the help of teachers Lili Nenkova and Irina Chmihova, she managed to prepare for the candidate student exams in the Variety Department of the Music Academy, graduating in Evgeny Komarov's class.

Until the end of the 80s, the singer Silvia Katsarova, together with the group LZ, worked in Scandinavia and Western Europe, and after the 90s she continued with a solo career. She is the singer who never wins awards from festivals, but has the most valuable prize - the recognition and love of the audience. She has been repeatedly declared the number 1 singer according to the survey of the program "Musical Ladder" on the Bulgarian National Radio.

Her duets with Vasil Naydenov - "Fire of Love" are especially popular, and her song "Warm Rain" was declared "Melody of the Year '87". Silvia Katsarova also made a successful attempt in the cinema - she participated in Ivanka Hrabcheva's film "The Golden River".

The singer told My Clinic how she maintains her he alth and why she feels good even at the age of 60, which she never hid.

Sylvia, how do you take care of your he alth?

- I read a lot about natural methods to strengthen the immune system, I make various infusions, teas, I know the herbs. Lately I've been focusing on raw food, but I also love steamed vegetables. I also consume a lot of fresh fruit. Food must be he althy so that it does not harm us. As much as I can, I try to avoid fried, fatty foods, I don't take anything from "fast" restaurants. I'm relaxed, I'm not bothered by my 60s, which keeps me in good he alth.

Are you afraid that you might get sick?

- Recently I read a very interesting book that literally shook me - if I may, I will tell you its title - "Dying, be yourself". The author, the Indian Anita Murjani, experienced the most severe form of cancer, and fell into clinical death. He tells how he has an encounter with death, and then comes back to life - it becomes a miracle of medicine, because there were thousands of metastases in it.

Many scientists want to know how she recovered, but at first she did not talk about her condition. She says that we ourselves cause cancer - this terrible disease. And thanks to your fears. We humans are afraid of all sorts of things, and she says we should be very calm and have faith in the good.

Let's think positive…

- Yes, these things should accompany us in life. The belief that we will be he althy must accompany us every day. I say it, but I'm scared of getting cancer too. But since reading this book, I've started to live a little braver.

Do you use homeopathy?

- Some time ago I used it, but recently

hard to find a good homeopath

And this is very important. However, I think it is one of the best treatment options because it is related to the psychological point of healing. Thinking that you are not seriously ill, you will get well soon.

What saddens you the most in today's hectic day?

- Soon I saw an elderly weak woman, with two crutches. He was struggling to rummage in the bucket, I just roared. I know how much it hurts her to be left like that on the street. This is a great sin of Bulgarian society. That's why I participate, when invited, in charity initiatives. But I know that we can only help a small number of people with campaigns. And there are many sick Bulgarians, recently more and more young people are suffering from serious diseases.

Some of them take their own lives…

- Our children need to know what is good and bad. Not to interfere with their lives, and also not to interfere with each other - they just hang out in the schools! Such things happen every day. Last time I spoke negatively about Crisco's drug lyrics and then what happened?! So much criticism of me, and nothing in our lives has changed. I'm sick like

we forcefully throw our children into the hands of crime

Parents should encourage them to read stories and books, and from a tender age we throw them into the clutches of technology, and so 9-10 year olds are already wearing glasses because of tablets. It is good for parents to instill in their children a love for animals, for the neighbor, for cleanliness and the preservation of nature. But we justify ourselves with lack of time and cares for a living. Which I don't deny is the case…

Despite everything you manage to keep your positive attitude towards life…

- You should set goals to strive for much more often. For me this is a new song, a new concert. I have to be engaged to keep my spirits up. I've learned patience and often, when something doesn't happen the way I want it to, I tell myself that the time has not yet come.

According to recent rankings and surveys, we are the poorest and sickest nation, do you think so?

- There is no sicker nation than ours. What is the cause of these diseases - the incredible stress of this non-stop transition, of course. There is no such transition anywhere else in the world. People there live by rules, their lives are calm and orderly. There are probably poor and homeless people, but the state takes care of them. And in our country it's a good thing that the garbage cans are on the streets and not underground… Many Bulgarians eat from them and sleep on the benches in the parks. I hope the he alth authorities take care of the doctors too - how can anyone think of beating up a medic?!