US Military's Best Kept Secret: People's Hair Is An Extension Of Their Nervous System

US Military's Best Kept Secret: People's Hair Is An Extension Of Their Nervous System
US Military's Best Kept Secret: People's Hair Is An Extension Of Their Nervous System

A US military study of some super skills of American Indians has revealed one of the most closely guarded secrets of the last 150 years, reported, quoted by BLITŠ”.

The army often employed Indians as guides, for orientation in unfamiliar areas, especially after establishing control over the country's territory and pushing the tribes out of large and fertile areas. They were also used during the American Civil War, and during World War II, the Navajo language was used as the basis for a military cipher.

The military became interested in the fact that during war the Indians took the scalps of their defeated enemies. As it has been established, this rests on the belief that it is in one's hair that one's power lies.

This was confirmed during the Vietnam War, when Indians served in some army units. They were used like their ancestors - to find a way through unknown areas, to track the enemy by imperceptible signs, to find their way by the noises in the forest if there are people nearby.

However, when they decided to make them cut their hair to match the rest of the soldiers, the Indians lost these abilities. A little later, the American military command rescinded its order and the Indians were allowed to wear long hair.

Military psychologists then made a series of experiments that proved that without hair, Indians lose their notorious sensitivity and good orientation. According to scientists, this is due to the fact that hair is something like an extension of the nervous system, and people who are used to using certain features of their senses lose this after they become hairless.

According to the psychologists' conclusion, hair is "an extrasensory nerve, a kind of highly developed antenna that carries a huge amount of information". This information is processed by the brain and so some people develop a very strong sensitivity to certain elements of the world around us.

Probably not only the hair, but also the beard in an identical way emits energy signals to the brain and thus help it to better understand the external environment. Therefore, according to scientists, cutting and shaving is a factor that can cause tension in interpersonal relationships and even sexual dissatisfaction due to the lack of sufficient sensitivity in a person.

Is it a coincidence that the Bible also says that Samson's strength lies in his hair and cutting it off leads to destruction? And doesn't that apply to all people?

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