A girl who should have died as a baby is now a happy mother

A girl who should have died as a baby is now a happy mother
A girl who should have died as a baby is now a happy mother

Ever since she was little, Stephanie Turner felt that she was not like other children. She was born with a severe genetic disease - a rare form of ichthyosis. In this disease, the skin is covered with scales that harden quickly. The skin loses its elasticity and cracks at the slightest stress, causing excruciating pain.

The doctors immediately warned Stephanie's parents that the little girl had almost no chance of survival. Most newborns with this form of the disease die in the first days. But Stephanie turns out to be a real fighter. Against all odds, she survived. And she grows up relatively he althy, but with irreparable damage to her appearance.

“My illness causes me many inconveniences. In the sun, my skin instantly hardens and cracks, which hurts a lot. It is also extremely difficult for me that I am not like others. They often ask me if I was burned in a fire, and I don't even know what to answer," says Stephanie.

However, her appearance does not become a judgment for her. 3 years ago she met a young man who was first of all fascinated by her wonderful soul.

“I have never met such a cheerful person in my life as Stephanie. Even when I was in a bad mood, she could always cheer me up," says Curtis.

Like all couples in love Curtis and Stephanie want to have children. But doctors strongly advise Stephanie to refrain from this risk. With ichthyosis, pregnancy is extremely undesirable. Stephanie's skin is extremely sensitive to the smallest wounds and deformities. That is why there is a huge risk during the development of the fetus that the skin of the abdomen will start to crack all the time and cause unbearable suffering. In addition, the risk of infections entering through these wounds and cracks also increases.

Despite the doctors' warnings, Stephanie became pregnant and decided to give her child a chance. During the entire pregnancy, she is under constant medical supervision. Fortunately, medics do not have to intervene excessively. The pregnancy went normally and Stephanie gave birth to a perfectly he althy son at the expected time!

This event inspired Stephanie and Curtis so much that they mustered up the courage to have another child. And 4 months ago, their beautiful daughter Olivia appeared!

“It's hard to describe what I had to go through during pregnancy. I was terribly afraid that my disease could be passed on to my children. Fortunately, my fears proved to be unfounded. And now I can boldly say that my wildest dreams have come true!", the young mother shares her happiness.

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