Champion Antoineta Boneva: I shoot with my left eye, the right one is two diopters

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Champion Antoineta Boneva: I shoot with my left eye, the right one is two diopters
Champion Antoineta Boneva: I shoot with my left eye, the right one is two diopters

Antoaneta Boneva follows in the footsteps of the Olympic pistol shooting champion Maria Grozdeva and in 2015 proved that she is the Bulgarian with the most accurate aim of this weapon. The competitor of SK "Svetkavitsa" -Targovishte won a silver medal in the 10 m air pistol discipline at the European Championship and silver in the 25 m sports pistol at the European Olympic Games in Baku. He also won four World Cup tournament medals, two of which were gold. It is no coincidence that the champion received the Sports Icarus Award for her impressive performance in 2015, became Bulgaria's 1 Sagittarius and is 8 in the "Sportsman of the Year" poll

On January 17, Antoinette will turn 30 years old. Her inspiration in the last two years is her daughter Reneta. Antoineta Boneva talks about how she takes care of her he alth in an interview for us.

Antoinette, did being an athlete help you give birth easier?

- Rather, it didn't help me because I was in labor all night - from 12 midnight to 5.20 in the morning. Apparently my daughter didn't feel like going out earlier. It was a normal birth. I do not accept c-section births, except as a last resort, for medical reasons. I don't think it's justified to do it just to save yourself the pain. I believe that the child's karma depends on the time of birth. When the doctor tells you that the operation will take place at a certain time, this, in my opinion, is an interference in the fate of the child.

How do you balance daily training with raising a child?

- We live in Targovishte with my husband's parents and they help us a lot. When I'm at competitions and training, my mother-in-law is with the child. But I try to spend all my free time with Reneta to catch up. As a matter of fact, I spend a lot more time with her than if I had to go to work from morning to night and she was in daycare and we only saw each other in the evening.

Apart from giving birth, have you ever been hospitalized?

- I was hospitalized when I was two years old. I had a problem with my right eye. They gave me the wrong diagnosis - conjunctivitis instead of keratitis (inflammation of the cornea - note ed.). Things get confusing because conjunctivitis medications are diametrically opposed. From there the inflammation deepens and we get to the hospital. I thank Dr. Borisova and her team at the hospital for responding in time and fixing things as best they could. I have to wear glasses because

I have about 2.5 diopters in my right eye

That's why I also aim with the left when shooting. It turned out when I was given a special test for shooters that my leading eye is my left. This happens very rarely. I know only one competitor in the world who aims with his left eye - the Italian Alberto di Donna.

The bad thing is that lately my eyesight is starting to fail. Slight fogging occurs occasionally. In Targovishte, however, we have a wonderful eye doctor - Dr. Taskov, whom we rely on, and when we need him, he is always there. He also makes the shooting glasses for me. On one frame, glass is placed only on the eye with which you aim. Two companies in the world serve the competitors, make the frames and the glasses. But for the glasses, I trust Dr. Taskov. So I'll have to go see him soon.

Bulgarians are used to this: until something hurts us, we don't think to go to the doctor. We don't pay attention to ourselves, but it's good to go for preventive examinations.

Do you have sports injuries?

- From sports - no. Last year, when I was at the World Cup tournament in Fort Benning (USA), I sprained my ankle and could barely stand on my feet during the competition. Despite everything, I came first. It was my first world cup gold medal. Apparently, at times when something is wrong with me, when I am not in perfect he alth or mental state, I mobilize, I manage to pull myself together and do what I need to do.- Was there a medic with the team to adjust your joint? - There was no possibility for a doctor to travel with us, because at the beginning of last year we were in a rather complicated financial situation.

I went to the US team masseuse

We were contacted by Emil Milev, who trains there and is already competing for the USA. I thank him very much for helping me at this moment.

It turned out that it was not fatal and that I needed time to recover. I just had to keep a bag of ice on the sprain all night before the race.

One time, the right hand that I shoot with slightly hurt. I was skiing with my coach at Belmeken, it was quite icy, I fell, hit a board and my hand got stuck under the skis. (Laughs.) It happened about a week before the European Airsoft Championship. Fortunately, there were no serious consequences. My hand only swelled up a little, but it subsided quickly.

I'm glad that God is with me and I don't have any problems or injuries.

Maria Grozdeva runs daily to maintain general physical fitness. How do you take care of yourself?

- Truly what Maria is doing is wonderful. In addition to taking care of the child, if I spend time on cross-country skiing, the day will not be enough for me. But I have promised myself to take physical training seriously this year. I feel like I need it not to get my heart rate down or anything else related to shooting, just for tone. I hope that when the child goes to kindergarten in the spring, my schedule will be reduced and I will pay more attention to myself.

What is your opinion on diets?

- I tried dieting once but things didn't work out for me. (Laughs.) I'm not one of those people who can stay hungry.

If I don't eat anything, I'm nervous,

I'm not feeling well. The good thing about our sport is that the weight of the competitor does not matter. We don't need to diet to be thin and elegant like gymnasts. To think of the one whose weight is in the way!

Are you taking medicine for something?

- I try not to take any medicine at all. Even when I get sick, I only treat myself with vitamins and aspirin. These are the things I can afford to take. You know that we athletes are constantly subjected to doping control. That's why we are extremely strict.

And do you give the child medicine?

- Yes, but the child also rarely gets sick. Maybe because he doesn't go to daycare. Usually, when he has a cold, I consult with my husband's cousin, who is a nurse, and whatever she says, that's what we give. But first we give teas. My daughter loves them very much. - It turns out that you have not encountered the Bulgarian he alth careā€¦- There is hardly a person who has not encountered our he alth care. But I'm not one to start spitting. It is clear to everyone that the system in Bulgaria is not at the level it should be. But it is not up to ordinary people. recently

my grandfather broke his leg

and I lay in the hospital in Targovishte for a week. Special attention was paid to him because he is a former employee of the hospital. Therefore, I cannot judge what the situation is in principle. I hope you don't have to fall into the hands of wretched doctors.

Do you trust alternative medicine?

- Once a year I go to a famous chakram in Glavinitsa and I really feel very good after that. Of course, if you can't fully relax so that the person can do their job, it can also become a problem. But I trust him. He is a former massage therapist for the National Volleyball Team. It has helped many people when they need something adjusted, for joint pain.

What problem do you go to the chakram for?

- It's good to crack all the joints once a year. That's why I went two weeks ago, especially since I gained a little weight after giving birth, and also because of the sprained leg. So I'm fine now and next week I'm going to Germany for a competition. I will be shooting in the Bundesliga for the HSG team. Then the European Championship in Hungary, the world cups and the Olympics in Rio are coming up!

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