Radost Draganova: I had angina - they cut my throat

Radost Draganova: I had angina - they cut my throat
Radost Draganova: I had angina - they cut my throat

Radost Draganova, the TV presenter of the "Marmalad" show, was born in Sofia. Perhaps because of the dual nature of her zodiac sign - Gemini, as a child she was very naughty, but excelled in school. She graduated with a gold medal from the capital's 22nd secondary school and law at the UNSS.

As a child he practiced synchronized swimming. She was the republican champion in this sport seven times. For her, there are more than 24 hours in a day, because she manages to be a good mother, a TV host, and a sports person at the same time. They say that wherever she enters, she fills the space with energy and mood.

“For as long as I can remember, I've been playing sports - at first for he alth, then professionally, now again for he alth. To date, I go to the gym because of the opportunity to get in good shape every day with minimal effort. I also like golf because of its ability to cure a bad mood, but there I always let the men win", the charming presenter shared especially for the readers of "Doctor" magazine.

Are you a happy person Joy?

- Yes, I am happy. I smile, I work with pleasure, I live with purpose. I don't get depressed even if something goes wrong. I know that if I want something, I have to fight. And if I fail, then I haven't tried hard enough. I learn my lesson and move on - next time will be better.

Many doctors are leaving Bulgaria. Do you think there are any good specialists left in our country?

- To be honest, I don't know if there are any good doctors left in our country. I had angina about 8 months ago and literally had to have my throat cut. I think the doctors were good as professionals, but the conditions under which they work are miserable. The way they work was also not up to par. They are forced by the system, the situation and the rules in Bulgaria to work in a way that they think is modern. I am sure, however, that such a thing could not happen anywhere else. Then I realized that it is not possible, it is not professional to cut your throat when you are seriously ill. No matter what explanations they give me, it's not normal to be cut live. Despite everything I've been through, I'm extremely grateful to the doctors who took care of me then - they saved me. Most likely, there are good doctors left in our country, I hope.

From this bitter touch, what would you like to change in he althcare in our country?

- Everything - both in thinking and in setting. People really can't work well, no way with outdated methods

to become good professionals

I come from a family of doctors, I applied for medicine, I wanted to become a doctor. But now I chalk up not getting up to one of my lucky failures. I saw my friends who enrolled in medicine, what they were subjected to. Until the age of 35, because of specializations, they could not lead a normal life, their parents helped them financially. For me, this is an extremely difficult profession that deals with the most important resource - human life. And by the time they become doctors, these people experience a lot of tragedies.

Why do we get sick? Do you have any explanation of your own?

- I don't want to answer in the well-known way, because we are not happy and we are not trying to change our fate. I recently spoke with an anthropologist who has studied life and published works on happiness. We smoke a lot, our food is bad, although in Bulgaria there is already a return to nature, to the earth, to real things. People are careful about what they put in their bodies. But when you enter the hospital, I see how much pain there is. We don't take care of ourselves, we don't do sports - we get sick from laziness and indolence.

Do you do sports? Do you eat he althy?

- Oh yes! My life and that of my child are subordinated to a he althy and natural way of eating. There isn't a day that we don't exercise, that we don't

eat he althy food,

let's not tell each other that we are happy. I have a relative with a disease that requires monthly maintenance, whatever that sounds like to you, to keep him in shape. We have often discussed with him that various things like "my husband forgot my birthday" are absolutely pointless complaints. They must one day go to a hospital to see how much pain and suffering there is. To see that young people do not have the opportunity to look after their children because they are very sick and their eyes are full of tears. We should accept happiness as a great gift! And to take care of our he alth persistently and help others around us.

I want as long as I live, as long as I breathe, to be able to run up the stairs and never feel tired. My parents gave me a he althy body, I am grateful to them, I continue to take care of it myself.

Have you breastfed your daughter? You look gorgeous…

- No, because during the pregnancy I developed some arthritis and immediately after her birth I had to take very strong and serious pills. I did not take any medicine during my pregnancy. It's a mother's responsibility to take care of the baby growing inside her and be careful what she puts in her mouth. And now I am like this – I am careful and a responsible mother.

What would you wish our readers?

- To take care of themselves. I will share one more thing: Once upon a time there was a woman in the gym, every day she walked on the path, did exercises for her legs. One was not well at all, it was obvious that she had been through some kind of trauma. One day she shared with me that they found a tumor in her brain and after a risky operation, they affected parts responsible for her motor skills. All these things, plus her husband leaving her, divorcing her, made her think about what is important to her. He told me that from that moment on, there wasn't a day that went by that he didn't ask himself what he wanted to do for himself. Only when we are happy and take good care of ourselves, only then can we give love and affection to others. So take care of yourself first, then give love and happiness to your family and loved ones!

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