Manchenko methods: I haven't eaten meat for 8 years

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Manchenko methods: I haven't eaten meat for 8 years
Manchenko methods: I haven't eaten meat for 8 years

Sports journalist and commentator Metodi Manchenko heads the sports editorial office of BNT. We talk to him in the basketball hall of the Bulgarian Army stadium in Sofia during the second edition of the 3x3 basketball tournament for the Vasyl Manchenko Cup, which started with a mini-football match between the teams of the First English High School and the Combined Team of Refugee Children

Methods Manchenko shares her way of living he althy and working to popularize sports among children. The journalist also revealed that his latest documentary is dedicated to an alternative method in medicine

Mr. Manchenko, are you living he althily?

- I try to live a he althy life, but one guesses and God disposes.

What do you do to stay he althy?

- First, I haven't eaten meat in eight years. It makes me feel better. I used to overdo it with meat. And now, since I don't consume at all, there is no possibility of overdoing it. I imposed discipline on my eating – I limit gluttony, which is a great vice. (Laughs) In Egypt at the beginning of 2000, my date of birth was read and numerologically I was defined as a person who likes to eat. This weighed on me and I decided to impose restrictions on my eating. The golden rule is not to overdo anything. In addition, for 2-3 years our family has only shopped at an organic stand. We have bought a special jug for water purification. We pour from the tap into the jug and drink. Such a thing should be in every home where people think about their he alth. Because you can't drink mineral water all the time. Gradually, a person begins to think in this direction - clean food, clean water. All of civilized Europe went through these things. In Munich, for example, there is an organic store on every corner, offering everything from food to cosmetics.

Secondly, I do sports three times a week - I play basketball with friends and like-minded people in the hall of the Bulgarian Army stadium. Thanks to this way of eating and sports, I have no serious problems with my he alth.

Have you encountered Bulgarian he althcare?

- There are wonderful people working on this front. Apart from the huge problems with the financing of the system, with the control of the spending of the funds, I think that we are very wasteful in buying drugs and going in the rut of the modern doctrine of medicine. One should also turn to proven methods invented at the time of Avicenna, even further back - for example, the medicine of ancient Egypt.

We must not neglect

experiences of Dimkov and Danov,

helped people with various he alth problems. The modern achievements of medicine as a technique, as a method of intervention, must be combined with methods different from official medicine. There are modern developments that our medicine runs away from.

Give an example?

- For example, quantum physical therapy according to the method of the German surgeon Dr. Erdt. I believe that just like fifteen years ago homeopathy became established as a method of treatment and almost no one questions what it is anymore and does not raise an eyebrow, so will quantum therapy become established. I am sure that 4-5 year university students should find a way to understand what it is about, try to develop it and put it into practice. This innovative and visionary scientist, Dr. Erdt, who comes from a family of hereditary doctors, connects medicine with physics, not chemistry.

What is quantum physical therapy and what he alth problems does it solve?

- I made a documentary about it but haven't shown it to the general public yet. Quantum physical medicine views the human being as a system composed of energy fields. This was proven at the beginning of the last century. The notion of quantum reality finds evidence in many of the Nobel Prize-winning discoveries in physics over the past decade. This is why according to Dr. Erdt physically,

influencing energy fields

can regulate the body when it is out of balance and thus heal it.

The body is by nature a perfect thing in which there are no abnormalities such as high blood pressure, no diabetes, no cancer. These diseases develop when the energy fields, the normal oscillations of the cells, of their nuclei and molecules, go out of their normal values. But these processes are reversible when they are affected by physical radiations, magnetic fields, etc. This is basically the principle of physical quantum therapy. It does not act chemically, with drugs, but has physical effects on the body. But while physicists do not talk to doctors and vice versa, this German specialist (Dr. Erdt) finds a common language. He learned from the experiences of many others before him to develop quantum physical therapy. At first, he used it to treat colds and milder ailments. Nowadays, the method has been developed and successfully combats autoimmune diseases, and in recent years all efforts have been focused on the treatment of cancer.

Which of Dr. Erdt's followers do you feature in your film?

- Dr. Stefan Stoiber - in fact, a Bulgarian, born in the village of Sadina, Razgradsko, whom the unknown paths of God took to Germany at the end of the 60s of the last century. Raised a family there, had 20 years of dental practice, but then switched to quantum medicine and worked with Dr. Erdt's method. I met Dr. Stoiber by chance, but these are signs of fate that one must watch for in order not to miss them. I hope that through my film Bulgarians will be proud to have a compatriot who has helped many people. Dr. Stoiber has an office in Munich. But Bulgaria can recognize this non-traditional method and find a way to be the first of the European countries to encourage its young specialists, who have taken the Hippocratic Oath, to develop the skills with which to combine their classical knowledge in medicine and non-traditional methods.

What is the idea of the "Vasyl Manchenko" tournament?

“We founded this tournament in memory of my father Vasil Manchenko together with my brother Pavel, my sister Darinka and my mother Veneta Georgieva. My father participated in the national basketball team at the Olympic Games in Tokyo - 1952 and in Melbourne - 1956, as well as in two European championships. His career continued as a sports journalist and commentator for the Bulgarian National Television. With the tournament in his memory, we wanted to set an inspiring example for children, because athletes like my father from that time came out of nowhere, after a very difficult childhood, and sports were a way for them to realize themselves. This happened in parallel with their development as good pupils and students. For example, my father completed two higher educations - journalism at the Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski" and VIF - now the Sports Academy. Our family organizes the tournament and provides item prizes. We encourage excellent students with good sports achievements.

Every year we undertake some kind of social act. The first year we fixed the basketball hoops in the yard of First English High School. And now, seeing what is happening in Bulgaria and around the world, we decided that we should do something about tolerance towards refugees. It is clear from the Ukrainian surname Manchenko that my grandfather was a refugee. In 1920, Bulgaria received about 100,000 white emigrants who established military and engineering schools, university departments, were teachers, artists and what not. And all of Europe then accepted about a million from Russia after the civil war. Thus, refugees are a huge part of the population all over the planet, and civilization progresses with the help of these people who integrate into the given societies", explained the journalist.

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