When should I check my cholesterol?

When should I check my cholesterol?
When should I check my cholesterol?

How often should cholesterol be checked?

Ludmila Ivaylova, Sofia

For those who are over 20 years old, at least once every five years. If the family has cases of hereditary hypercholesterolemia - high cholesterol levels, then lipid levels should be monitored in children after 2 years of age. People at risk (with diabetes and other diseases) – once a year.

We recommend a detailed blood test - lipid profile. It is not dangerous if total cholesterol is elevated due to high-density lipoproteins (these are also called "good" cholesterol). As a buffer, they carry excess cholesterol from the vessels to the liver, which removes it. If there is a lot of low- and very-low-density cholesterol, this is also not as "bad" cholesterol as is commonly believed.

If, for example, a person has high blood pressure and a damaged vessel, this cholesterol carries the fats needed for wound healing there and seals it like a Band-Aid. Although this cholesterol does not cause plaque, in a sense it is a "partner in crime" when the cells that make blood clots join.

It is important to know that the results of the analysis given after surgical treatment cannot be considered reliable. After an operation, as well as a previous viral infection or other illness, or trauma, the indicators will be increased. Because cholesterol fractions are in a hurry to bring order to the body. The analysis must be repeated.

What can cause low cholesterol levels?

Yuliia Doncheva, city of Plovdiv

Mainly due to hormonal disorders (hyperthyroidism, adrenal insufficiency), intestinal problems, liver diseases, but, by the way, they can also be the cause of high cholesterol. Also, lipid levels are reduced in those who are fasting, often nervous. In pregnant women, cholesterol levels that are too low may increase the risk of premature birth.

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